Art Assignments: Week 2 Distance Learning

Hello Everyone,

I am hoping to see images of each student’s artwork so please remember to send me photos of your artistic creations! I will be keeping track of who turns in their art assignments each week. Please feel free to email me, if you have any questions.

B,PK,K Art Week #2 March 30-April 3

1st and 2nd Grade Art: March 30-April 3

3rd, 4th, 5th Grade ART: March 30-April 3

Art: 6th Grade: March 30-April 3

7th, 8th and HS Art: March 30 -April 3

Remember you usually have two days of art each week. Please try to spend about that much time, or more if you feel like it, on your weekly art assignments.  I can’t wait to see your images. Thank you!



Letter to Parents and Art Assignments for March 24-27

Hello Everyone,

Welcome back from spring break!

I will be posting a link to art assignments on my blog, as well as learning to use Google classroom for 3rd-HS, so I appreciate your patience. I will be checking in weekly with each class via Zoom. Please feel free to email me if you have any questions.
I am hoping to see images of each student’s artwork so please remember to send me photos of your artistic creations!

Remember ART ROCKS so…Keep LEARNING, CREATING, and using your IMAGINATION!!!


Springfield Art Museum: All School Art Exhibition

5:30 PM -7:00 PM
Exhibit runs from March 6 through April 26

The following students from The Summit will have their artwork on display in this exhibit:

Kindergarten: Allison Rothwell

1st Grade: GROUP PROJECT – Irelyn Arft, Delaney Arthur, Mia Brown, Aspen Buerge, Charlotte Cao, Zahra Elsaid, Harleigh Kaegel, Atticus Lazarro, Ian Lee, Julius Miller, Ember Murray, Duke Newcomb, Sofia Sas, Alia Schippert, Brylee Stranckmeyer

2nd Grade: Becca Dark

3rd Grade: Brighton Thomas

4th grade: Brooklyn Landrum

5th Grade: Journey Hill

Middle School: Brooke Guyer and Maren Beall

High School: Essie Hibbert and Matthew Davies

Every March, the Museum invites student artists from across our community, in kindergarten through twelfth grades, to exhibit outstanding artwork in the All School Exhibition. A celebration of Youth Art Month, this highly anticipated show is the Museum’s longest running exhibition. Please join us for this colorful exhibition that the Springfield News-Leader has described as “what it must be like to be inside a kaleidoscope.”

The exhibit runs from March 6 – April 26.

Museum Hours:

Tuesday – Wednesday: 10:00 – 6:00

Thursday: 10:00- 8:00

Friday – Saturday: 10:00 – 6:00

Sunday: 1:00-5:00

*Note the Museum is closed on Mondays*

Springfield Art Museum

1111 East Brookside Drive

Springfield, MO 65807

Phone: 417-837-5700

ART Update

Beginners and Pre-K: They have been busy working on symmetry and using the elements and principles of design to create patterns. They created patterns with dot markers and cut symmetrical shapes out of paper.

Kindergarten: They have been using math and art to create geometric shapes for Picasso Cubist style collages. They looked at paintings and sculptures by Frank Stella and created sculptures and mobiles in the style of Alexander Calder. Here is a link to the first place winners from last year. Last year, The Summit had two kindergartners win first place in two different categories.

1st grade: Studied Inuit masks from Alaska and created some of their own with hoops, appendages, and feathers. Currently they are creating 3-D sculptures to correlate with their study of the Pacific Northwest Coast style of totem poles.

2nd grade: We discussed M.C.Escher and looked at his art to see how he combined science, architecture, math and art. They learned how to create tessellations and cut out interlocking shapes to create designs.

3rd grade: Created faux stained glass snowflakes using math art and colored cellophane and now they are starting to study Missouri state fish. *Last year one of our 3rd grade Summit art students, Lucas Reed, won place first in the national contest for his painting.

4th grade: Some students have been working on drawings of their state fish to go along with their classroom studies of the USA. Others are working in groups to create 3-D dioramas about books they have read for the Language Arts competition, LAD Fair.

5th grade: They are finishing their Asian art paintings with some creative frames. After an introduction to Pre-Columbian art they started creating 3-D animal vessels out of clay. Soon they will start carving soapstone to create amulets.

6th grade: They are working on drawings to go along with their bio poems that they wrote in their Language Arts class. Each student is illustrating their original poem with mixed media techniques using drawing and painting.

7th grade: They are finishing acrylic paintings on canvas boards and getting them ready for display. Next they will be starting a unit inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright, where they will create 2-D renderings and 3-D architectural structures.

8th grade/HS: They just started a study of African mask designs using exaggeration, distortion and simplification. Next they will use these characteristics to create 3-D masks with plaster gauze and then add details with paint, beads, feathers, and raffia.

Let It Snow!!!

Early Learners, Beginners-Pre-K, are excited to see the snow!

They have been working on 2-D and 3-D projects in art class. Please stop by the first floor outside the art room to see their creations.

Reflections on Teaching at The Summit

Dear Parents,

Each year as our school hosts the State of The Summit, I reflect on my involvement in your child’s educational experiences and the importance of the Arts. I might not have time to speak to each of you individually, so I thought I would express my thoughts and gratitude in this letter.

First of all, I truly LOVE teaching! I especially love teaching all subjects through the ARTS. That is why I have develop an integrated art approach to reinforce the STEM/STEAM movement and to establish the importance of the design process in education. Neuroscience research supports the relevance of art instruction and reveals it to be a necessary component of each child’s education. It illustrates the impact that arts education has on each student’s cognitive, social and emotional development. My hope is to continue to implement an evolving integrated art approach as a vital component of your child’s educational experience at The Summit.

I’m most at home when I am in the classroom and when the kids are engaged in learning. It is a magical moment when you see that spark of creativity in a child’s mind. It is a privilege few people ever have the chance to experience. I do know how fortune I am because by having this opportunity, I get to share those special moments of educational enlightenment with them. That is what inspires me, they inspire me!!!

It is truly amazing to watch them engage in learning and see their educational experiences become a reality. You can see it in their eyes, hear it in their voices, and feel it in their hearts! That is why I will always be a lifelong learner as I continue teaching the next generation.

I would like to express my appreciation and to thank you for affording me this opportunity. I love teaching at The Summit and inspiring children to use their creativity and imagination through the Arts. Thank you for sharing your children with me. As I continue teaching your children to become lifelong learners, I am confident that they in turn will continue to amaze and inspire me!

Lisa Murphy

Art Creations: B-12 grade

BEGINNERS and PRE-K have been learning about snowflakes and creating radial symmetry. They loved watching the Broadway version of Let it Go, from the musical Frozen. Then they added blue glitter paint for ice crystals to decorate their giant snowflakes. They are currently working on painting snow on their snow people.

KINDERGARTEN learned how to cut out snowflakes to make their own stencils. They enjoyed using a stencil brush to fill in the negative spaces. They even used colored tissue paper to create some cool colored designs. Then the class did a group project to make a giant snowflake that will be displayed in the art room.

1st GRADE students created large paintings of Dream Catchers to correlate with their unit of study about Native Americans. Now they are working on Inuit mask designs, using hoops and appendages.

2nd GRADE students used their fine motor skills to create circular weaving patterns with yarn. Currently they are using all of the colors in the rainbow to a paint coral reef habitat for their sea creatures.

3rd GRADE students created dinosaur silhouettes to glue on top of their tissue paper collages. Currently they are working on framing them with dinosaur tracks. When they are finished they will be displayed at the Missouri Institute Natural Science.

4th GRADE started collaborating on a language arts group project. They will use alliteration to write about animals and then create illustrations for an original book. This group project will be entered in the LAD Fair Competition in the spring.

5th GRADE just finished their clay cartoon characters. Some students created flip book animation, while others filmed stop motion animation videos. Now they are learning about the Sumi-e brush painting style of Asian brush painting. They will be painting bamboo and landscapes. Each student will learn to write their name in Chinese calligraphy using the Sumi-e brush strokes.

6th GRADE students studied the Japanese art of Notans and learned how to use positive negative shapes for collages. They will be able to use these for the Math Art contest in the spring.

7th GRADE students have been learning about Graphic Design. They are creating Logos, Illustrated Words and Visual Word Pictures.

8th GRADE/HS students created Op Art paintings, using geometric shapes, which can be used for the Math Art contest in the spring. Currently they are working on expressionistic style seascapes or landscapes using oil pastels.

Art to Remember Delivered

Dear Parents,

Please check your child’s backpack when they get home. I sent home all of the items from our Art to Remember fundraiser today. I want to thank everyone for helping us raise money for art supplies. The kids were very excited to see their art printed on the various items!

If you did not have a chance to order items you may still do so until the end of the year online at

Thank you and have a wonderful week with your family!

The Summit Prep: Inspiring the Joy of Learning