End Of Spring Break 2020

I would love to hear about all the fun everyone had over Spring Break! Were you able to go anywhere? What did you get to do at home since we had extra home time?

I would love to hear from you! Email me: kteed@thesummitprep.org

The Teed family was able to drive to Indiana to see Mrs. Teed’s side of the family! We decided to cut our trip a little short and come home, but we are all feeling well and have had lots of fun at home. Especially, since we were able to bring one of my niece home with us! We have had time to catch up and hang out with Baby William!

I am excited to see how the next couple of weeks turn out! It is always a little hard to know what to expect when something new challenges us. We will rise above and be stronger from the knowledge we gain from these difficult times.

The next step for P.E. at the Summit will be coming soon! Until then, have a wonderful rest of your Break!

Mrs. Teed

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