April 29, 2019: Monday!

Happy Monday! After today we only have 2 more Mondays together! We have officially declared ourselves letter experts and will be once again reviewing all of the letters and letter sounds. We are also going to be  putting on the final touches for our parent and grandparent celebrations next week. We are busy bees in Beginners! Be sure your calendar is marked to be here Monday, May 6th at 12:30 for our final Classroom Celebration! Also, if you have not already done so, make sure you fill out the Google form to let us know who will be visiting us next Tuesday, May 7th for Grandparents Day!

Topics To Chat About:

  • What is your class job this week?
    • Line Leader: Hudson
    • Door Holder: Olivia
    • Caboose: Jenson
    • Attendance: Juwairiah
    • Calendar: Leena
    • Weather: Vedanshi
    • Library: Ava
    • Teacher Helper: Eden
    • Vacation: Gunnar
  • Did you have a focus letter this week? (No, we are letter experts now!)
  • What is your favorite letter and what sound does it make?
  • Did you see Professor Powers for super science?
    • Tell me about the microscope!
    • What did you see on the slides?
  • Tell me about your finger painting!

Look What Beginners Did Today!

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