May 2, 2019: If You Give A Beginner A Donut

If you give a Beginner a donut…! Today we read yet another circle story from our author, Laura Numeroff. While we read If You Give A Dog A Donut we talked about the story sequence. What happened first, next, then, last. After our story we had a super special donut snack to help get us ready to be writers! Beginners worked with Mrs. Kimmons through a shared writing exploration and together we composed the story If You Give A Beginner A Donut. Each student contributed to the story and we are proud to share it with you. Enjoy!

If You Give A Beginner A Donut

By The Summit Beginners

Inspired by the story If You Give A Dog A Donut

If you give a Beginner a donut, they will ask you for some banana juice. (Vedanshi) They will drink the juice and it will remind them of a movie. (Gunnar) They will want to watch Star Wars because BB8 starts with the same letter as banana. (Camp) They will start a little fake battle but really they are friends and give each other hugs. (Jenson) The hugs will make them feel happy and they will want to play with their family. (Leena) The family will go to Chuck E. Cheese and play with blue cars. (Hudson) They will remember it is their birthday at Chuck E. Cheese so they will want to eat a birthday cake with candles. (Olivia) The family also wants to climb up the ladder and go down the slides. (Aarush) Playing on the slides will make them very thirsty and they will want some banana juice. (Eden) And chances are, if you give the Beginners some banana juice they will want a donut to go with it!

Super Summer Countdown: Recess with Mr. G!

Be sure to ask your Beginner about the awesome recess we had with Mr. G. There were squeals of joy and laughter playing with our Summit friends.

This afternoon we popped the 9 balloon to find that tomorrow will be our ABC PARTY! šŸ™‚

Topics To Chat About:

  • Tell me about the special snack from Mrs. Kimmons! Did you have a donut?!
  • Let’s read your shared writing story together! What part did you add to the story?
  • Did you have recess with Mr. G today? Did the Landcrab get you? šŸ™‚
  • Did you see your Raven Buddy?
  • Are you excited to show your portfolio to your parents and grandparents?
  • Did you have new friends in your class today? Tell me about them.

Look What BeginnersĀ Did Today!

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