Author: Melissa Kimmons

January 22, 2020: My Heart/Blood

What a perfect day for a field trip…INSIDE the human body!  We discovered that the heart is a very important part of every human body. Beginners practiced the lub dub sound that could be heard through a stethoscope, felt their

January 21, 2020: My Bones

How would your body look different if you did not have bones? Today we explored the many bones inside of our body. We noticed that some bones are short and some are much longer. Not only do we have bones

January 17, 2020: Friday Fun!

Brrr…it’s another wacky weather day in Beginners! What a perfect time to explore and paint with ice! Friends noticed while traveling to school that there was both ice and rain outside. Hmm…how could that be? During morning work we observed

January 16, 2020: Body Fun with Miss Amy

Miss Amy joined Beginners today! 🙂 We know that Miss Amy does so many wonderful things for our school each day but today we asked her to take a few minutes and be a student so the amazing Beginners could

January 15, 2020: Beginner Twins!

Today we are seeing double in Beginners! 🙂 As we continue to explore the various parts of our body and how they help us move each day we enlisted the help of our 3rd grade buddies in making full size

$2 Uniform Buyout Tomorrow!

Summit $2 Uniform Buyout Day – Wed. 1/15 Tomorrow is a Uniform Buyout Day at The Summit. Students may pay to buyout of school uniform for $2. It is also National HAT DAY! Students may wear a school/classroom appropriate hat

January 14, 2020: My Body Can…

My body is amazing! It can do so many things! Today we began taking notice of our amazing bodies and all of the many things it helps us do each and every day. Beginners helped fill our morning message board

January 13, 2020: It’s Okay To Be Different

It’s okay to be different…what an awesome message from our new author of the month, Todd Parr! Today Beginners explored one of Todd Parr’s most popular stories celebrating the differences in each individual. We talk about this a lot in

January 10, 2020: Snowmen At Night

Do you ever wonder what snowmen do at night? We do! Although the Missouri weather is being very wacky, we focussed in on the winter season and had snowman fun while reading a fantastic story, Snowmen at Night. In this

January 9, 2020: Magazines, Mosaics, and Moose!

Mmmmm, Mmmmm, Mmmmm…it was an Mm day in Beginners today! Friends were super helpful using their strong finger muscles to cut from m-m-magazines during morning work. We listened to M-M-Moana m-m-music as we practiced scissor control and cutting irregular shapes.