Logistics & Expectations

Welcome to Beginners at The Summit! In this classroom we strive to be a classroom family and we will do our best to foster a love of learning. Through hands-on learning and group interaction, we will explore what it means to be in a school setting and how to prepare our minds to learn and grow. There will be daily opportunities for students to explore personal interests, while at the same time creating lifelong friendships.


The Summit Office
Phone – 417.869.8077
Email – frontdesk@thesummitprep.org

Mrs. Kimmons
Email – mkimmons@thesummitprep.org

Ms. Rozean is our classroom assistant. She will be engaged with our class from 8:30-1:00 each day.

Beginners Class Blog – www.thesummitprep.org/beginners

  • Please subscribe to the class blog to receive frequent updates from our classroom. Feel free to ask grandparents or other family members to subscribe as well. This is a great way to spark conversation about what is happening in our classroom.

The Summit Websitewww.thesummitprep.org

  • Visit this site often to keep up to date on the school-wide news and events. The Summit also has a Facebook page for keeping in the know about exciting things happening at our school.


  • If there is time that your child will not be in school, please email or text to let Mrs. Kimmons know.
  • If your child needs to leave early for a doctor’s appointment, etc, please inform Mrs. Kimmons beforehand so they will be ready at the correct time.

Drop Off & Pick Up

  • Morning Drop Off: All Beginners will be walked in by parents to the Early Learners common area each morning to greet Mrs. Kimmons between 8:30-8:45. Parents will say goodbyes in the common area and Beginners will come into the classroom to start their day with a morning activity. At 8:45 our class meeting will begin and Beginners arriving after this time will need to be signed in at the front desk. This is a great time for parents and Mrs. Kimmons to touch base and for Beginners to unpack their belongings and do their lunch count for the day.
  • 1:00 Carline: Beginners who stay for half a day will be picked up by parents in the Early Learners common area.
  • 3:30 Carline: Beginners who stay for the full day will be brought to carline at the front door. Parents can either park and walk up to get their Beginner from our designated spot or you can come through carline and your child will be loaded.

 Daily Supplies

  • Beginners should bring a backpack, water bottle, lunch, and a snack with them each day. Full day Beginners should bring a morning and afternoon snack. Please label what food is for snack or put it in a special container so we make sure they have plenty of food leftover for lunch. It would also be very helpful to have your child’s name on each of their containers.


  • To prevent special items from being lost or broken all toys should be left safely at home. There will be certain days assigned to bring special things from home. Mrs. Kimmons will be sure to let you know when those occur.
  • **Stuffed Animals: Beginners that are staying for rest time may bring one small snuggle animal that will stay in their backpack until rest time.


  • We will plan to go outside for recess on the playground each day, weather permitting. Please dress appropriately for the weather and send a jacket if needed. Beginners are welcome to leave a jacket at school that will stay on their hook in the classroom.

 Summit Uniform

  • Students need to be in a Summit uniform each day. Uniforms require khaki or navy blue on bottom and a Summit polo shirt on top. Girls may also wear dresses or skirts. On Friday students may wear jeans with the Summit polo or Summit spirit wear. Closed toe and closed heel shoes are necessary. Tennis shoes should be worn on Movement Days (Monday and Thursday).

 Star of the Week

  • Each student will have a special week to share more about themselves with our class. There will be a special star of the week poster sent home the Friday before that you can decorate with your Beginner. Please feel free to send trophies, medals, special pictures, books, etc with your child to display at our Star of the Week station. This would also be a perfect week for parents to visit our classroom and share about their job. Your child will be so proud to show you off. During this week, you can also send in a special treat, their favorite snack, or drop by and have lunch with your star. We will start this activity after we become comfortable with our classroom routines.


  • Birthdays are so important to kids at this age and we want to recognize this! Instead of sending in sweet treats, we would like to make the day fun for your child by having them pick a special activity. This could be an extra recess, be in charge of all the exploration activities of the day, do a special craft, etc. Since not all children get to celebrate their actual birthday during the school year, we would like to save the special treat for during the Star of the Week. If your child would like to send in a birthday treat to be sent home or a small goodie bag for each friend that would be just fine. If your Beginner’s special day is during the summer, we will celebrate their half birthday or as close to it as we can!

 Cat in the Hat Knows A Lot About That!

  • Our special friend, Cat in the Hat, will be sitting in our room all year long. After we get comfortable with our classroom routines, Cat will get the chance to spend special time with each Beginner and even travel home with them for the weekend.
  • Cat will have his own journal to keep track of all his adventures. This is a great opportunity for you to model writing and storytelling for your Beginner and they will be so excited to share the adventures they had with Cat on Monday. Mrs. Kimmons will keep you posted about when Cat will be visiting your house.

 Friday Folders

  • Friday Folders will be sent home each week. This is how we will send home important papers from the office as well as your Beginner’s amazing work. Please be sure to always send the folder back the following Monday.

 Technology Use

  • Beginner students will have access to classroom iPads. They will only be accessing teacher-approved apps for various learning activities.

 Field Experiences, Guest Speakers, & Service Projects

  • Since Beginners require special car seats to travel, we will most likely not be doing a lot of traveling away from the building. There could be the possibility of a day that we meet as a group off campus. You will get plenty of notice beforehand. This doesn’t mean we can’t have the fun come to us! If you have any ideas/connections for guest speakers or activities, please share. The children love when mom or dad comes in and share about their job or can bring in interesting items for us to see!


  • Our science & social studies themes vary by trimester and are used as a backdrop for literacy, math, and social instruction.
    • 1st Trimester: My Friends & I/ Seasons & Weather
    • 2nd Trimester: Taking Care of Myself/ My Body
    • 3rd Trimester: My Family/ My Backyard
  • Beginners participate in special classes throughout each day. Beginners will have Music for 25 minutes three times a week, Art for 25 minutes twice a week, Movement (PE) for 15 minutes twice a week, and Spanish for 25 minutes everyday.
  • Each morning we will have class meetings for Beginners to go over our daily schedule, get to know each other, and review our classroom jobs. This is also a great time for us to establish a calendar routine as we learn the date, seasons, weather, etc. We will read books, sing songs, and play group games during this time.
  • During exploration times, Beginners will have access to multiple learning centers that incorporate our various curriculum topics. This will be the time to explore and learn together using iPads, blocks, books, manipulatives, and much more. Mrs. Kimmons will also use this time to do small group lessons and assessments.
  • Beginners will be introduced to D’Nealian letter formation. D’Nealian, or Modern Manuscript, allows for an easier transition into learning cursive in later grades.

What You Can Do At Home

  • Nightly reading is very important to our Beginners. If your child sees that you have a love of reading then they will follow in your footsteps.
  • Always take the time to chat with your Beginner about their day at school. You will be amazed at how much they learn and how many friendships they develop. These conversations will help develop your Beginner’s memory, language skills, vocabulary, and give them the opportunity to review the skills they learn during the day.
  • If there is a particular subject or topic that your Beginner loves, please share that with Mrs. Kimmons and we will do our best to explore it together.