January 8, 2020: Sleepy Animals

Today on our late start morning we jumped right into a nonfiction magazine exploration. The My Big World magazine about sleepy animals taught us a new science word – hibernation! Beginners used their reading pointer fingers to look for the title on the cover and then followed along as we read about different animals that take long naps during the winter. Reading our magazine together is one way Beginners practice directionality and reinforces reading and writing words left to right. When you are reading with your child at home encourage them to hold the book, turn the pages, show you the title page, and look for picture clues to make story predictions. When you are done reading have a conversation about characters, events that took place, and your favorite parts of the story.

Topics To Chat About:

  • Did you play with shaving cream “snow” during morning work?
    • How did it feel on your hands? How did it smell? Did it make a sound?
  • Can we look at your magazine together? Why is the bear sleeping?
  • Do you remember the fancy science word for when some animals take a long nap in the winter? (hibernation)
  • Can you pretend to be a hibernating animal? Let’s count to 3 and wake up in spring! 1,2,3!
  • Let’s do your bear puzzle together. Can you help me put the pieces in the right order?
  • Tell me about the weather today? Did it feel cold or warm outside at recess?
  • Did you write a letter to Miss Brylee today?
  • What is the letter of the week? (Mm)
    • Can you show me how to write Mm?
    • What sound does Mm make?
  • What is the new month? (January)
  • What is the new year? (2020)
  • What is the new season? (Winter)

January 7, 2020: Miss Brylee!

Today we welcomed Miss Brylee as our guest Beginners teacher for the day! Miss Brylee was the second winner of this opportunity from the Summit Gala and the Beginner friends have been counting the days on the calendar to when their friend Brylee (True’s sister!) would get to stay with them for a whole day. Miss Brylee helped Mrs. Kimmons plan the day and shared one of her favorite book characters with the Beginners. Pete the Cat is a super groovy cat and in Miss Brylee’s story he was part of a bake sale. Pete had some troubles along the way but in the end everything was just fine. After enjoying the story Miss Brylee surprised the Beginners with an exploration center of decorating their own cookies!

Miss Brylee not only helped with our exploration centers but also led morning meeting, helped in both Spanish and Music, and even got to assist with Early Learner Yoga with her Mom, Ms. Kristen! It was so great for Beginners to enjoy the day with a super Summit Raven. Be sure to check out the photo gallery below to see more excitement from the day.

Special Note from Miss Brylee:

It was a grate day in beginners.we Decrade cookees  and ded the pole.and the swing .we ded spannish and muzic.and resis and lunch.my day was grate.

Topics To Chat About:

  • How many teachers did you have in class today? (3!)
  • Did you enjoy having Miss Brylee as a guest teacher? What was your favorite activity?
  • Tell me about Pete the Cat’s Groovy Bake Sale? Did Pete’s cooking work out as he planned?
  • Did you decorate a cookie with Miss Brylee?
  • Tell me about the magnets in the sensory table.
  • What is the letter of the week? (Mm)
    • Can you show me how to write Mm?
    • What sound does Mm make?
  • What is the new month? (January)
  • What is the new year? (2020)
  • What is the new season? (Winter)

Look What Beginners Did Today!

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January 6, 2020: Happy New Year!

Welcome to 2020 in Beginners! I hope your family enjoyed a wonderful winter break! Beginners were happy to be back with one another in our classroom today. We took special time to share about favorite things that happened while we were away from school and also made sure to look ahead to what is happening in our new month and new year. Beginners got to learn a fancy new word (resolution) as we made goals for 2020. We wish you all the best for the year ahead! Check out our resolutions!

Eleanor wants to get better at her flying skills in 2020! 

Nate wants to feed his puppy every day in 2020! 

Ella wants to build an airplane toy with Daddy in 2020!

Azura wants to make more cookies in 2020!

Mila wants to give more surprises in 2020! 

Ari wants to get better at drawing in 2020!

True wants to build more Magnatile boxes in 2020!

Wyatt wants to learn to play basketball in 2020! 

Topics To Chat About:

  • Were you excited to be back at school today?!
  • Did you have a new friend in class today? (Welcome, Nate!)
  • What is the new month? (January)
  • What is the new year? (2020)
  • What is the new season? (Winter)
  • Tell me about your New Years Resolution! Should we make a goal for our family to work on in 2020?

December 18, 2019: Winter Holidays

It’s been a busy day of learning in Beginners! During morning meeting we checked back on our calendar at the last time we saw each other. A lot has happened since then! Before we head off to winter break Beginners took some time to just touch on and explore a few holidays that are celebrated this time of year. Our friends Moby and Annie from BrainPop, Jr. helped us become familiar with the traditions of Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and Christmas. Beginners explored the 9 candles of the menorah and read a story about a family that celebrated by lighting a new candle each of the 8 days of Hanukkah. We then watched a short video of an African family that celebrates Kwazaa and lights the 7 candles in their kinara. Beginners shared their own traditions of Santa Claus, going to church, and giving gifts. What we noticed throughout our discussion was that while we may not all share the same traditions we do enjoy spending time with family, giving gifts, and celebrating.

Please remember, tomorrow is our class Winter Party at 10:30 and all students are released at 11:30. Please feel free to join us for our party! There will be no afternoon Fun Zone. We will enjoy Winter Break and be back at school on January 6th.

Topics To Chat About:

  • Were you happy to see your friends at school?
  • Tell me about the menorah that you colored with the 9 candles. Did you notice the dreidel, the gelt, and the special food in the story about Hanukkah?
  • Tell me about the video of the African family celebrating Kwanzaa. Did you make a pattern chain with the three colors of Kwanzaa? Did you notice the family having fun and dancing together?
  • Let’s talk about how our family celebrates this time of year. How are our traditions the same or different than Hanukkah or Kwanzaa?
  • Are you excited for the class Winter Party tomorrow?
  • Are you working on a special present for your family?


December 17, 2019: Snowy Tuesday

Happy Snowy Tuesday!

Once again I hope you’re staying warm and cozy on this blustery morning! If you do decide to venture out and play in the snow feel free to send Mrs. Kimmons a photo of your adventure. You could even practice writing straight, zig zag, or curvy lines in the snow. If you go for the inside adventures instead try having an indoor snowball fight with cotton balls or marshmallows. See if you can point to each snowball and count all the way to 20 (or higher!).

Enjoy this snow day and we’ll see each other back at school again soon!


December 16, 2019: Warm & Cozy Monday

Happy Snow Day Monday!

It is another wacky weather day in Missouri! This morning would be a great time for Beginners to set up their own morning meeting with your family and talk about the day of the week, upcoming events, the weather, and what the schedule could be for the day. Be sure to check out the Snow Day Fun link at the top of the blog main page for activity ideas.

As we prepare for the upcoming Winter Break we will be exploring several holiday traditions celebrated this time of year. We hope to look at traditions of Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and Christmas.

Please remember we have our class Winter Party Thursday, 10:30-11:30 and then all students will be dismissed for Winter Break. Parents are welcome to attend our party!

Enjoy your day! Stay safe and warm!

December 13, 2019: Friday Fun!

Whew, what a day of learning and celebrating! Beginner friends were so incredibly sweet helping Mrs. Kimmons celebrate her birthday as we explored throughout our day. Friends love Fridays as they get to help choose the Free Choice centers. Be sure to ask your Beginner what center they added to our list. We also got to climb up the Summit stairs to see our 3rd grade buddies and finish out a great week of coding. 3rd graders enjoyed using the Code-a-Pillar and we got to try out the Osmo coding activity. In the holiday spirit buddies also helped us use our super scissor skills to cut coffee filter snowflakes for our classroom window.

Thank you again for all of the kind wishes, gifts, and treats today! I am truly blessed and got so much joy from seeing how excited my Beginner friends were about celebrating my birthday. Thank you so much for sharing your child with me!!

Please remember, next week we have a half day of school on Thursday (Dec. 19th) and will then begin Winter Break. All classes will be having winter parties 10:30-11:30 and then all students are dismissed at 11:30. There will be no Fun Zone in the afternoon. Parents are welcome to join our class party that day! Stay tuned for more info from our SPO Reps.

Topics To Chat About:

  • Tell me 2 great things about your day!
  • Did you see your 3rd grade buddy?
    • Tell me about the iPad Osmo coding game!
    • Did your buddy have a special holiday card for you?
  • What did you choose for Friday Free Choice?
  • Did you have a new classmate visit today? What was his name?
  • Did Wyatt’s mom bring a special treat to share for Mrs. Kimmons’s birthday?
  • Tell me about the story you read by Mrs. Kimmons’s favorite author, Dr. Seuss!
    • Did the grinch change his mind about Christmas and help the friends in Who-ville?

December 12, 2019: Gingerbread Man

Run, run as fast as you can. You can’t catch me. I’m the gingerbread man!

Today Beginners enjoyed another great story that helped us practice story sequencing. Once again using the words first, then, next, and last we explored the story of the yummy cookie that tried to run away from several hungry friends. Beginners had the opportunity to explore several versions of the story in the library and then we watched a short cartoon that made us giggle. We made predictions throughout the story about what we thought might happen but in the end the fox came out with a yummy snack.

Be sure to ask your Beginner if Mrs. Johnson was super tricky in hiding our story characters around the room as we went on a “Find it!” hunt. Tomorrow we will finish our wiggly gingerbread men and continue practicing one to one counting with the gingerbread trays.

Topics To Chat About:

  • Tell me about the gingerbread man story! What happened in the beginning, middle, and end of the story?
  • Can you tell me 2 characters from the story?
  • Did you play gingerbread man with your friends at recess?
  • Did you do movement with Mrs. Johnson? Can you show me 1 of the stretches she taught you?
  • What colors did you paint your gingerbread house during morning work? Did it look like yummy frosting?
  • Were any of your friends or teachers away from school today?
  • If today is Thursday, what will tomorrow be?

Look What Beginners Did Today!

**If you are viewing this blog post in your email you may not be able to see the picture gallery below. Please click the post to go to the actual blog website. There you should be able to see all photos from our day.*

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December 11, 2019: Wednesday in Beginners

We had several friends not feeling well in Beginners today so we sent them all good feelings during morning meeting. We talk each day about using our cough catcher elbow when we cough or sneeze, blowing our nose when it is runny, and being sure to wash our hands with soap and water throughout the day. Learning to share is a big part of being in the Beginners classroom but germs and sickness are definitely something we want to keep to ourselves. 🙂 If your child is exhibiting any signs of illness please feel free to let me know and give them time to rest at home before returning to school. Thank you for helping us stay healthy to learn and grow here at school!

We began our late start day zooming on with one more color celebration activity. Beginners worked meticulously using Fruit Loops to create their very own rainbow. They turned out beautiful! Ask your Beginner if a few of the Fruit Loop pieces “popped” into their mouth along the way! 🙂

Our morning exploration led us to another silly story about the little old lady who this time was swallowing a bell! Before, during, and after our story Beginner friends worked on story sequence and the order of events. We used ordinal words to explore what happened first, second, third, fourth, fifth, and sixth. We also added the words next, then, and last. Please continue the conversation of sequence words as you are reading to your child or going through your daily routines.

Topics To Chat About:

  • Were some of your friends/teachers away from school today?
  • How can you help keep your germs from spreading to other friends?
  • Tell me about your Fruit Loop rainbow! Was it easy or tricky to get the colors in the correct order?
    • Did you eat a few of your rainbow pieces while you were working? 🙂
  • Did you read a silly story about the old lady swallowing holiday items?
    • Can you tell me 2 things that happened in the story?
    • What happened first? Then? Next? Last?
  • Did you get to play outside today? Was the sun shining? Did the wind blow?
  • If today is Wednesday, what will tomorrow be?

December 10, 2019: Color Fun! – Skittle Science

Since the beginning of the year Beginners have had a focus color of the week. In celebration of finishing all of our focus colors Beginners became super scientists today and answered the question, “How could we take the color off of Skittles candy?” Hmmm…friends suggested we peel the Skittle or maybe even cut the Skittle. Mrs. Kimmons then told Beginners that they were going to use a different tool – water! Of course a very important part of any science experience is making predictions, observations, and then documenting our findings. Beginners made a diagram of their experiment both before the water and after the water. What a difference! There were “Ooooo and ahhhhhs!” all around the room as we watched the color fade right off of our skittles and create a rainbow in the middle of the plate! We had to use careful and patient hands and brains to watch our Skittles turn from brightly colored to just white. Then, we made our final observation and drew a picture of how the plate looked after the experiment. During our observations we of course had to pop a couple of “thinking Skittles” 🙂 in our mouth to help us get the full effect. Awesome super science work, Beginners!

Topics To Chat About:

  • Tell me about your Skittle science experiment! Did you make the colors disappear from the candy?
  • What did you observe before you put water on the plate? How did it change after the water?
  • Do you think we could try this experiment at home?
  • Where did you eat lunch today?
  • Did you go outside for recess or was the temperature too cold?
  • Did you see your beautiful name lights hanging on the window?
  • What is the letter of the week? (Ll)
    • Can you show me how to make an Ll in sign language?
    • What sound does Ll make?
  • Do you have a color of the week? (We are reviewing all of our colors!)
  • Do you have a shape of the week? (We are reviewing all of our shapes!)