Eighth Grade Job Shadowing – In Their Own Words

Please enjoy some reflections on job shadowing from the fantastic eighth grade class:

8th Grade Job Shadowing – 2022

Adesola – Architecture: I really liked my shadow at HoodRich architecture. I found the job site most interesting; there was a feeling of accomplishment when you see a design turn into something real. The software was also really intriguing. When you think of architecture, you think of a ruler and pencil. But they use Archicad, which you can use to build walls and look at materials, down to the brick.

Will – Tennis: I shadowed my tennis coach Finn. It honestly didn’t feel like work; I was having fun the whole time. Shadowing my coach showed me how the coaches get ready in the mornings and choose what they do with their lessons. I ended up being on the court from 11 am to 8 pm, but I had fun the whole time.

Cadence – Ophthalmology: I really enjoyed my job shadow experience. Dr. Lewis and I saw many different patients with lots of different reasons to come in. We saw people that recently had cataract surgery, eye infections, dry eye, or just coming in for a regular visit. My favorite experience was an IPL (intense pulsing light) treatment for dry eye and rosacea that I got to see Dr. Lewis do. I also got to wear these cool goggles during the treatment. Overall I loved the experience and want to explore this career. I liked the downtime in between patients and minimal schooling (for a doctor). 

Leah – Tennis: For my job shadowing day, I shadowed a tennis coach at Cooper Tennis Complex. I had the opportunity to teach multiple classes and private lessons which was a lot of fun! Throughout the day, I got to work with a variety of different age groups and skill levels which gave me the chance to see who I enjoyed coaching the most. I learned that I enjoy coaching higher level players more than lower level players because I am able to play my full game and I don’t have to use less pace or hold back at all. I’m not used to playing tennis for 7 hours a day so I was extremely tired at the end of the day but overall, I learned a lot during my job shadow experience, and I would definitely consider being a tennis coach someday.

Hudson – Business: For job shadowing I decided to shadow the manager at Gold Medal Gymnastics: Aleigha Sherron. Her job is basically to run around making sure everything runs smoothly and correctly. It was very interesting to me because her job has a lot in it. Overall I had fun even though I got sick halfway through the day. 

Grayson – Business/Real Estate: My experience was under my father at Ron Stenger Co. He is a land developer and a realtor so I worked with him on several different things. From pricing lots to going on a 3 mile run, it was a ton of fun! It’s interesting focusing on one subject rather than switching every 45 minutes throughout the day. The hours can be a little rough, especially in the morning, but overall I had a great time making lots of memories in the office.

Joe – Dickerson Park Zoo: My job shadow was with both veterinarians Arial Marler and Cassie Turner at the Dickerson Park Zoo. I learned many veterinary terms and procedures. I saw a baby owl getting fed and a snake getting tested for diseases. I interviewed the vets about their job and learned the cool parts of taking care of animals. I also had to clean cages and help move a 250-pound tortoise.

Parker – Chocolate: I really enjoyed shadowing at Askinosie. I was able to work with my brother-in-law and see how chocolate is made! I smelled pretty bad after, but it was worth it. I ate a fresh cooked chocolate bean, but it wasn’t very good. I REALLY liked not moving around constantly, or at least every 45 minutes. It was nice to actually be able to fully understand what he was talking about and not having to move as soon as I understood it. Overall it was really nice!

Sydney – Interior Design/Entrepreneur: My job shadow experience was very eye-opening for me. I chose to shadow an interior designer who owns her own business. This was perfect for me because I would like to be some type of entrepreneur when I grow up. I am also very interested in interior design. Andrea Nesbit, the interior designer I shadowed, took me to many of her client’s businesses. She explained to me the struggles and joys of running a business and working with people. I loved shopping for others and designing their homes and businesses. I found out that designing a client’s home is a very personal experience and sometimes an interior designer’s job is all about validating her client’s wants. This experience made me want to go into this career independently and choose what kind of designer I want to be. 

Greyson – History Teacher: My job shadowing experience was helpful and intriguing. It was enjoyable, yet I still learned a lot! I hadn’t thought about adjusting the lesson based on the grade to keep them invested, which is very valuable. I also didn’t realize the amount of time it took to plan a lesson. An all around good time. 10/10 would recommend.

Emily – Business/Entrepreneurship: I job shadowed Andi Hillburn-Vaini, a female entrepreneur who owns 15 Mcdonald’s stores. We started out at her office where we looked at the statistics of the restaurants and other things she does from her desk. We also talked about what it takes to own McDonald’s stores and the process you have to go through to buy them. It was actually a much longer process than I thought. Her parents owned some of the stores but she couldn’t buy them from her parents until she went through all the training required, starting as a crew member. Next, we went to one of the stores and I got to listen in on the drive-thru as well as hand out people’s items in the drive-thru. I also learned how they make all the food and made my lunch. There was a lot more that goes into running a fast food store that you don’t think about. Overall, there were a few things she said that really stood out to me. She said that you are never above doing any job below you, and you need to be ready to get in that store and make fries because if you don’t know how to do it, you can’t expect other people to do it. After this job interview, I am very interested in this career because you get to help people who maybe wouldn’t have opportunities in other places, and you can see them move up through the ranks with their hard work. 

Maddie – Springfield Little Theatre: I shadowed Zoe Zelonky who works at Springfield Little Theatre. She is currently directing the musical “The Lightning Thief.” That day the group had school shows, so I had the opportunity to watch those. After they were done we worked on costumes for the upcoming musical. Overall, I had a great day with Ms. Zoe. I had so much fun with her and getting to see my friends in a performance. 

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