Pay It Forward Day!

September 11 is a date of great significance to Americans. In honor of this date, people all around the world are encouraged to do random acts of kindness and compassion every September 11th. This initiative is called Pay It Forward 9/11. It calls for every person to do three good deeds for strangers and loved ones, and watch the ripple effect it creates. Kindergarteners, first graders and second graders at The Summit participated in Pay It Forward day today by spreading kindness, being helpful, giving back and appreciating the community we are a part of. 

This morning, all three grades gathered in the Kindergarten classroom to learn about Pay It Forward day. Students watched a video that shows the positive effect that one act of kindness can have on many people. 

Next, the students worked together to make our building a better place by completing some projects around our school. We worked on cleaning shared spaces, fixing up the flower beds, and picking up litter in the backyard. 

We had a great day of building community and spreading kindness!

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