Classroom Logistics

Welcome to Kindergarten at The Summit Preparatory School! Our classroom functions as a learning community, as we come to school every day ready to learn. Each person is an important member of the group and expected to be actively engaged throughout the school day. We use all areas of our room to facilitate learning. Students work in various settings – independently, with partners, and in small groups to accomplish tasks throughout the day. Our class gathers as a whole group first thing in the morning and at the end of each day.

Contact Information

  • Classroom Teacher: Mrs. Marissa Bradley
  • Connect to our classroom communication service through “Remind” by texting @summitk to 81010
  • The Summit Phone  – 417.869.8077


  • Please review the class schedule.
  • Students may enter our classroom between 8:30 – 8:45 a.m.  Class begins at 8:45 a.m.
  • Kindergarten specials classes are:
    • Spanish everyday for 30 minutes
    • Art two times a week for 45 minutes
    • P.E. two times a week for 40 minutes
    • Music three times a week for 30 minutes
  • Tennis shoes are strongly recommended everyday for students’ safety on the playground as well as in the building.
  • Students should wear Summit uniforms each day.  Jeans Day is on Friday.  Dress appropriately for the weather as we go outside for recess each day. Please refer to the student handbook on the website for more information regarding school uniforms.
  • Students should bring their backpacks, water bottles, and a small healthy snack to school each day. Toys and personal items should be left safely at home.
  • The school day ends at 3:30 p.m.  We will be waiting for you in carline.  Please arrive on time.

Curriculum Information

  • Please review the curriculum overview for information about each subject.
  • Our curriculum theme for the year is ‘My Community’ and focuses on three major areas:
    • First Trimester: Community Helpers and Scientific Inquiry
    • Second Trimester: Urban Communities and Force in Motion
    • Third Trimester: Rural Communities and Life Cycles.
    • The science and social studies curriculum guides the curriculum theme and is integrated throughout the day.  Literature plays a large part in our exploration of topics as well.

The fun doesn’t stop when you leave school!

  • Nightly reading is extremely important for kindergarten students. Please be sure that you are taking the time to read with your child at least 20 minutes each evening. This reading can be you reading, your child reading, or a combination of the two.
  • Additional home learning activities may be given on an individual basis.  Occasionally, students will be involved in projects relating to areas of the curriculum in which collecting information or items at home will be necessary. This allows learning in the classroom to be extended at home.
  • Encourage your student to discuss the school day with you and share information about what is being learned. This conversation will strengthen your child’s memory, language skills, vocabulary, and give the opportunity to review concepts and skills. This blog will provide classroom specific information to support these conversations at home.

Brown Bear, Brown Bear

  • Each Friday, our class “pet,” will travel home for the weekend with a new friend. It is your child’s job (along with help from you!) to write in the journal about all of the fun adventures. Please feel free to draw pictures or print pictures to glue in the journal. The next Monday, Brown Bear and the journal should come back with your student so that they can share all about the fun that was had. Encourage your child to help in the journal writing process and be engaged in forming the sentences. 


  • Each child should bring 1 healthy snack each day. Examples of a healthy snack include a piece of fruit, veggie sticks, crackers, or pretzels. Snacks should be small and should be able to be eaten during our 10 minute snack period in the afternoon.  We often  continue our learning during snack time, so please, no snacks that require teacher assistance when opening (and no microwaving).  Students should bring a water bottle each day. Please label lunch boxes and water bottles with your child’s name.


  • Birthdays are always a fun part of growing up and while we do not have time to have birthday parties for everyone we will definitely allow them to celebrate their special day!


  • In the event that your child will be absent from school due to illness or other circumstances, please email me and call to leave a message on the school answering machine. If your child arrives late, he or she must be escorted into the building and be signed in at the front desk.


  • Please use the school website to stay informed of school-wide news and events. A school calendar is on the website. Additionally, please stay informed of classroom information on the kindergarten blog. If you have not already done so, please subscribe to our blog so that you will get automatic emails each time the blog is updated.

Technology Use

  • Kindergarten students will have daily access to classroom computers and iPads.  Students will be asked to only visit sites and apps designated by the classroom teacher and will be continuously monitored while using the devices.  Websites related to classroom learning are listed here.

Friday Folders

  • Friday Folders will be sent home each week. They will contain a copy of important information from the office as well as your child’s work.  Please be sure to send help your child remember to send back the folder each Monday.

Field-trips, Guest Speakers, and Service Projects

  • Field-trips, guest speakers, and service projects enhance your child’s learning experience. We appreciate your help suggesting individuals to speak to the class, or assistance with service projects.  Every time we near a field trip date, Mrs. Bradley will send out an information sheet with details and chaperone information.  Chaperones must have completed the Summit volunteer training.  Contact Mrs. Bradley or Mrs. Becky Breckner (our school counselor) to find out when the next training session will be held.

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