Snow Day Fun!

Use this page as a resource for activities you can complete with your scholar during a snow day!  Stay in your PJ’s, put on some fuzzy socks, and defrost your brain for some serious learning and fun!

Kindergarten students can…

  • Log into Kids A-Z on a computer or tablet and complete read-alouds or phonics episodes through Raz Kids or Headsprout. Teacher username is summitk1. Mrs. Bradley can share password information if you don’t remember.
  • Log into IXL on a computer or tablet and practice math or language arts skills.  Mrs. Bradley can share log-in information if you don’t remember.
  • Log into Kodable to practice our new coding skills! Class code is “summitk.”
  • Go on a shape hunt in your house. Where can you find circles? Triangles? Squares? Rectangles? Rhombuses? Ellipses? Trapezoids? Now look for solid figures! Can you find a sphere? Rectangular prism? Cone? Pyramid? Cylinder?
  • Practice your sight words! Write them down on small pieces of paper and use them for a scavenger hunt, and then turn them into hopscotch.  After you’ve done that, hide them in a dark room and use a flashlight to read them!
  • Read out loud to your sister, brother, pet, or stuffed animal.
  • Call a relative and read a story over the phone.
  • Listen to someone else read to you.  Talk about the beginning, middle, and end of the story.  Identify the main characters, setting, and problem in the story.
  • Get some wiggles out with GoNoodle!  You can dance, jog, wiggle, shake, and more!
  • Make your own book by stapling some paper together.  Remember to give your book a title!
  • Do some cooking with a grown-up.  Practice measuring and following the directions of the recipe.
  • Make play dough… here’s a recipe.
  • See how high you can count.  Count back down to zero.
  • Try your hand at origami.
  • Put together a puzzle or play a board game.
  • Gather some ice or snow from outside. Bring it inside and make predictions about how long it will take to melt in different locations around your house. Test it out!
  • Make a calendar for yourself… here’s a website with printables.
  • Count the days on the calendar until a special holiday.  Create a paper chain and write a number on each link.
  • Draw a picture with crayons, markers, or pencils.
  • Conduct your own session of “Calendar Math.”  What is today? Tomorrow? Yesterday?  Follow our classroom routine.
  • Make a pattern using buttons or another small object.  What variations can you come up with?  Can you make a challenge pattern?
  • Practice your best “Summit” handwriting.  Don’t forget your last name!
  • Make indoor “snow” – mix 3 cups baking soda with 1/2 cup hair conditioner (white conditioner to keep the snow white).
  • Play hide and seek with your family!  You can even hide your stuffed animals around the house to add more fun.  Instead of counting by ones, see if you can skip-count by 5s or 10s before you go and “seek!”
  • Play a board game with your family.
  • Do some yoga and deep breathing.  Cosmic Kids Yoga is pretty cool on YouTube!
  • Make ice marbles: Fill a balloon with water and food coloring.  Leave it outside in the cold and see what happens… we know what happens to water when it is below 32 degrees!
  • Find ribbon and put on your favorite songs.  RIbbon dance until you run out of breath!
  • Take a survey of your family members to find out their favorite animal or favorite color.  Make your own graph showing the data.  Now try coming up with your own question!
  • Take a long look in the mirror. Draw a self-portrait and add as many details as you can.
  • See if you have plastic or styrofoam cups. Stack them up in as many different ways as you can think of!
  • Think of your own knock-knock jokes.  Write them down in a journal so you don’t forget them.
  • Get a piece of paper and write numbers 2-12 on it twice.  Roll 2 dice and add to find the sum. Cover your answer up with a sticker or marker, then keep rolling.  See if you can cover them all!
  • Raid mom or dad’s closet to put on a fashion show.  Use Spanish vocabulary to describe the colors in your outfit!
  • Make your own number line using paper and string.
  • Listen to a story using Storyline Online. Identify the characters, setting, problem, and solution.
  • Make a fort in your bedroom or living room. Go inside and do some writing or reading.
  • Learn how to draw a snowman.  Write a descriptive sentence about your snowman.  Look for other fun “directed drawings” to add to your masterpiece!
  • Write down as many words as you can think of that rhyme with MAN. Try it again with CAT, MIT, FIN. Challenge a family member to see who can think of more!
  • Use the cards from a deck of UNO to practice addition like we’ve been doing in class.  Choose 2 cards and find the sum.  See if you can solve your addition problem using different strategies (draw a picture, in your head, use your fingers, number line)
  • Simon Says is a great game for practicing listening skills and self-control.
  • Make some hot chocolate and watch your favorite movie.  When it is over, write or draw about your favorite part.
  • Play the “Alphabet Game” by yourself or with a family member. Start with A and think of a category (animals, names, places, foods, etc) and then move through the alphabet, stating at least 1 example for every letter!
  • Visit the links tab on our blog for some online fun.
  • Write your sight words on half sheets of paper. Crumble them up and have an indoor snowball fight! When you’re done, open the words and read them, them crumble them up again and again!
  • Build a miniature snowman in a baking pan. Use buttons, felt, pipe cleaners, or other materials to give your snowman its features.  Make predictions about how long your snowman might take to melt. Now create an observation chart and check on your snowman periodically to record the melting process.
  • Use your Urban Community Building and some blocks to create your own city at home! Use paper to create business fronts and tape them to the blocks.
  • Practice your addition and subtraction skills. Write your own problems or check out online math games here!

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