April 9th in PreK

This week in PreK we are studying the letter Xx!  The letter X is a fascinating letter in the alphabet.  It has different sounds at the beginning of words and at the end of words.  Our students will be introduced to all the ways the letter X is used in words, as well as rhyming words that end in X.

Today we read ‘Fox in Socks’.  Our students learned that tje words fox and socks rhyme. But, socks ends with an /x/ sound with the letters cks!

Our students took off their shoes and noticed how colorful their socks were.  Then decorated their a pair of socks for a fox!

Mr. Powers visited our classroom today and step by step, taught our students how to make a paper airplane!  When their airplanes were complete, we stepped into the common area and flew them!  PreK had a great time flying their planes!  They had airplane races and measured whose plane flew the furthest.  They discovered that holding their plane a certain way could determine how far the plane would fly.




Friday April 5th in PreK

We began our day with a Springtime Math Graphing exercise.   Then it was time for our 6th Grade Buddies to join us for Reading Workshop!  We focused on Springtime and the letter W in PreK this week.  Our 6th grade friends and PreK worked together to create a beautiful Windsock!  They cut, pasted, used crayons and markers. Then added colorful streamers that not only decorated their windsock, but the streamers helped our students observe the wind as they flew their windsock outside.




Throughout our week, we have talked about life cycles.  We were thrilled when Mr. and Mrs. Kimmons brought their very own chicken to school for our Early Learners to experience!  Mr. Kimmons taught us about chickens, what they eat, how they clean themselves, what they do.  Then he showed our students the eggs that the chicken laid.   This was a perfect display of the life cycle of a chicken!  Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Kimmons for sharing your chicken with us today.  It was very exciting and educational!



We had a very busy day.  Our students were so happy to stop for a few minutes to listen to our 4th grade friend read a story called, ‘Pout, Pout Fish’.


Wednesday April 3rd in PreK

A wonderful Wednesday in PreK! Our day was filled with water, wind, watermelon’s, wagons and walruses!

We began our day by learning new Windy Warm Weather poems! It was a beautiful day outside. Perfect for comparing the rainy weather of Springtime with sunny, windy weather. Our students enjoyed time outside playing and decorating the play area with beautiful chalk drawings!

Today we learned about Walruses. We talked about what they are, where they live, what they look like, what they like to eat and how they survive. Our students enjoyed viewing pictures and reading books featuring these wonderful animals! During our center time, PreK made walrus hand-puppets!

In math today, our students identified numbers one to twenty, then placed the correct number of watermelons in a wagon!

Water play in the sensory table and watercolor painting the letter Ww were enjoyed by our happy, busy and oh so wonderful PreK students!

See you tomorrow!

Tuesday April 2nd in PreK

Professor Powers visited our class today and provided a great lesson on engineering and architecture! He shared several examples of how to use imagination and creativity. PreK learned about calculating, measuring and how to build something individually and as a team to create a solid structure. Each student was given small Dixie cups to build a structure. They had to decide how many cups they needed, what surface worked best and then how to stack the cups together without falling down.

When they finished their own structure, PreK worked as a group to build a structure. This required patience, slow moving hands and kindness toward one another. They worked very well together!

Today we reviewed the letter Ww. Ww as in Web! We learned how and why spiders weave a web. During our center time, PreK had the opportunity to weave their own web by practicing lacing skills with yarn and a cut-out paper plate. They worked very hard to lace their yarn the way a spider weaves a web. No two webs are the same and no two PreK webs are the same!

Have a wonderful evening!

Monday April 1st in PreK

April Showers Bring May Flowers! Our students learned this new expression today as we colored umbrella’s, raindrops and flowers. We also learned a new Springtime song as this new month was introduced.

We came to school to discover 10 chrysalis! That meant it was time to place them in our butterfly house! Our students are looking forward to the day when they become beautiful butterfly’s!

Our letter of the week is Ww, Today we focused our attention on Whales! Our students had the opportunity to learn about the different whales, how they live, what they eat, how they breathe and that whales are mammals. We sponge painted whales, traced the letter W, colored pictures of whales and viewed short, colorful videos showing these magnificent animals in the ocean!

Our New Jobs This Week Are:

  • Line Leader: Daniel
  • Caboose: Shay
  • Door Holder: Coraline
  • Calendar: Elise Kolde
  • Lights: Emerson
  • Library: Allison
  • Teacher’s Helper: Felicity
  • Chairs: Elise Easter

Reading Workshop with 6th Grade: Friday March 29th

We had a great day with our 6th grade buddies this past Friday. We taught the 6th grade students what we have been learning this week in our unit about Living and Non-Living Things. We shared our baby pictures with 6th grade and they had to guess who the baby was. Then our 6th grade buddies shared pictures of themselves when they were in PreK! What a great time we had seeing the changes we’ve all made as we’ve grown through the years.

Then we traced our 6th grade buddies on large paper. We measured their length and width! When their body tracing was complete, we traced our PreK students inside the 6th grade’s outline! We measured our PreK’s height and compared their measurements with their buddies. Our PreK students had a great time as they learned how they will change and grow as well as what they may look like when they are in 6th grade.

Have a great evening and I’ll see you tomorrow!

Thursday March 28th in PreK

Today in PreK, our students practiced writing the letter Vv on white boards.  They also listed words that begin with the letter Vv and wrote short sentences.  We reviewed our lessons on vowels, identifying the vowels in each word.  During our center time, our students matched rhyming words that contained short vowel sounds and put letters together to form words with short vowel sounds in them.

They have become increasingly successful in reading short words, identifying rhyming words and identifying the short and long vowels sounds.



To coincide with learning about Living/Non-Living things and Springtime, our students learned about planting seeds and what is necessary for their growth and survival.  Each of our students planted Lima Beans in a clear, plastic cup.  In the days and weeks to come, our students will observe their plant. They will be able to see the roots growing in the dirt and also watch the vines grow on top!  They will compare, measure and then take their plant home!  They can even plant their Lima Bean plant in their own backyard!



Giving A Helping Hand March 27th 2019

We have a very helpful group of children in PreK!  They love to help in the classroom, assist friends who need help, help their teacher’s and help the community.  Today they helped Mr. Mike and as a result, the whole school!  Our PreK students had the opportunity to help Mr. Mike clean up our outdoor play area.  The winter months have caused many of the branches on the trees to fall down.  Our children enthusiastically collected as many branches they could carry and now, our beautiful outdoor space is clear of large sticks that could cause children to trip as they run.




We continued our study of Living and Non-living things.  Our students identified objects and placed them in the correct category.  Thank you to those who brought in baby pictures.  This proved to be a very enlightening lesson on how living things change and grow.  We all loved seeing the adorable baby pictures!  Please feel free to bring in your child’s baby picture this week.

Our question of the day was, “Do you know what a vowel is?”  We learned this lesson yesterday and our students were eager to review the letters that have a long and short sound.   We read short stories throughout the day emphasizing words with the consonant/vowel/consonant pattern.



Tuesday March 26th in PreK

Spring has Sprung in PreK this week!  ‘Unusual Umbrella’s‘ are decorating our walls and Vases made from the letter V have been filled with flowers!  Caterpillars are forming their Chrysalis and our potatoes are finally forming small buds!  Our classroom is filled with springtime activities and centers.  It was so good to go outside today and enjoy the beautiful weather and sunshine!


Throughout this year we have focused on the letters of the alphabet.  Concentrating on sounds, blending letters together to read short words and develop sentences that include those words.

Today our students were introduced to the word ‘Vowels’.  They learned that vowels are special letters in the alphabet that make long and short sounds.  We listed the vowels in the alphabet and reviewed the sounds they make.  During our center time, our PreK students read short stories emphasizing consonant-vowel-consonant words.  Our students identified the letters and the sounds. They also played rhyming games that featured short vowel sound words.

This week we are learning about Living and Non-Living Things.   Today our students ventured outside to make scientific observations and then documented their findings by drawing pictures of the objects of their choice then answering the questions, “Does it need water?”  “Does it need air?” “Does it need food?”  “Does it grow and change?”  If the answer is Yes, it is living.  If the answer is No, it is non-living.

We will continue this lesson in this season of Spring as we continue to experiment, plant and experience the world around us.





A Visit From Our Local Librarian and The Watershed

Friday was a very exciting and enriching day for our PreK students.  First, we had a very special visit from Ms. Michelle, the Librarian from the Library Center!  With puppets and props in hand she read one of our students favorite story, The Very Hungry Caterpillar!

After the exciting, interactive story presentation, the Ms. Michelle directed the students to a variety of Spring Season centers and activities.



After snack and Art Class, we packed up and headed over to the Watershed!  We couldn’t ask for a more beautiful day!  The weather was perfect and the students loved the experience of working with dirt and planting Short Stem and Long Stem Bluegrass!  Walking along the trail was wonderful!  Thank you parents!  We could not have had this experience without you.  I appreciate the time you took to drive your child and be there throughout our time at the Watershed.