Wednesday, May 13th in PreK! The Last Day of School

Today is our last day of school in PreK!  Our students have done an amazing job!  They have worked hard, done their best and have been a joy to have in our PreK classroom!  Have a great summer!

Today in our Zoom meeting, we are going to share what our favorite thing is about PreK.  If your child drew a picture of their favorite memory, please ask them to be ready to share at 9:30.  They may also share a favorite toy, book, pet, etc. for a last day of school Show and Tell.

Spanish with Senora Raven:
Last day! ¡ole!
Wow! You did it! I hope you have a great summer! In case you run out of ideas on what to do, here’s a fun comecocos (fortune teller) activity to lead you on an adventure or two. Feel free to stay in touch over the Summer, I would love to hear from you!
You can reach me at:
¡Hasta luego, amigos!

Tuesday, May 12th in PreK!

Library of welcome to pre-k clip art freeuse png files ...

Today, I have attached a Journal assignment called, ‘What was your favorite thing about school this year?’  We have so many memories of the great year we shared in PreK!  What was your favorite?  You’ll have the opportunity to talk about this with your parents, draw a picture describing your favorite memory and then we’ll share our memories on the last day of school.

Below is a list of Movement activities for your child to enjoy. 

Music with Mr. Keech:

  • Dot Piano

    • Play, listen and record piano sounds that create beautiful colors and patterns

    • If you have a usb piano keyboard, you can connect it to your keyboard and see the notes you play on your screen


Spanish with Senora Raven:

May 12th – maracas craft!

I didn’t realize how easy it could be to make maracas with the items you have in your household until I came across these two resources: This video shows you how to make maracas out of a toilet paper roll and this link shows you how to make maracas with a plastic egg and spoons. How cool is that?! Happy music making!

Monday, May 11th in PreK! PreK Friends

Preschool free cartoon pencil clip art clipart cliparts for you ...

Today’s activities include two printables.  I would like our PreK to work on a few journal activities this week to wrap up the year.  These can go in their year-end portfolios (I will get to you at a later time) or just on their wall.

  • Draw Your Friends!  This worksheet includes picture frames.  Ask your child to draw a picture of one friend in each frame!  Feel free to use the back or make additional copies.
  • Draw Your Teachers!  Draw your PreK teachers, Specials teachers.  Draw them all or just one!
Art with Mrs. Murphy:  Mrs. Murphy will be joining us this morning! 
Here are printables that your child may enjoy!
Spanish with Senora Raven:
May 11th – ¡leer lunes!
There’s so many books to choose from! Which one will you pick?


Thursday May 7th in PreK!

Animal Reptile Amphibian Clipart Freebie | Reptiles, amphibians ...

Today our students will be learning about Reptiles and Amphibians!  Join us at 9:30 on Zoom to learn how many species of animals are in this group and what they’re made of!


Music with Mr. Keech:  Mr. Keech will join us today on Zoom!

New Activities:


  • Spanish: Cabeza
    • Can you tell what color they are singing about?

Here’s a video starring last year’s early learners 🙂

Spanish with Senora Raven:

May 7th – Mother’s day craft!

Shh! This one is a secret! If mom is reading this out loud, tell her to stop reading, get dad, a sibling or someone else! Okay, is she gone? Let’s continue! Click here to create your very own Mother’s Day card in Spanish! Click here for the English translation so you know what to write! 🙂

Wednesday, May 6th in PreK!

Yesterday we had a special visitor in our Zoom meeting!  Dr. Guo, Olivia’s dad spoke to our class about how he helps students at Missouri State University.  Thank you for helping us learn more about you and all you do to help others!

This week our students are learning about animals.  Today our focus will be birds and fish!  Did you know they have a backbone just like the animals we talked about yesterday?  Today we’ll identify similarities and differences in animals.

Art with Mrs. Murphy:

#2  SPRING: Click on the link below and go to Day 5. You will find two stories about the seasons and springtime. In the last month, the leaves have been growing on the trees in our and the trees and grass has been turning green. The flowers have been blooming and all of the plants have started to grow. I have been doing some bird watching.  I hope you can go outside or look out your window and do some bird watching too. If you hear a bird singing, see if you can imitate the sound and learn some bird calls.

  • Click here to listen and read along to the stories:
  • And Then It’s Spring and How Do You Know It’s Spring?

Remote Learning Resources and Strategies | Grades PreK-K

Art Assignment: Draw or paint a picture of your yard in the spring. Make sure you add your trees, grass, flowers, birds, etc. Then add your house and maybe even you playing in the yard.

Movement song:  In the same link under the stories check out this fun song. Maybe your whole family can sing along. Learn what plants need to grow.

Soil, Water, Air and Light  (Sing to the tune of Head, and Shoulders, Knees and Toes)

See if you can make up your own movements to go along with the new words as you sing along!

  • Don’t forget to email me pictures of your latest art creations!

Spanish with Senora Raven:

May 6th – Spanish app!

This website includes the top 20 Spanish apps for kids (that’s you!). Choose one from the list to download and try it out! Be sure to revisit this website over the summer to get Spanish practice in!

Tuesday May 5th in PreK!


This picture was taken on the First Day Of School!  I miss seeing my wonderful students in person each day but we are helping each other and learning during Zoom everyday!

Today we will continue to talk about ways we can help each other.  I would love to hear from my students about ways they helped at home yesterday.  Attached to this email is an activity titled ‘How Full Is Your Bucket List?’  Ask your child to give examples of how they can help.  Write their answers on the strips of paper provided.  Your child can color the bucket, then cut the strips out and glue them onto the bucket.

One of our parents will join us today to talk about ways that he helps each day!  Parents, you are welcome to jump in during our Zoom meeting.  We’d love to hear from you!

There are many different types of animals in the world.  Today we are going to talk about mammals!  What are mammals?  What is the difference between an animal that’s a mammal and an animal that isn’t?

Music with Mr. Keech:

New Activities:

Shemika Campbell holds the Limbo World Record! Check it out!

Spanish with Senora Raven:
May 5th – Piñata craft!
I love piñatas! They’re colorful, come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, and you never know what’s going to come out of them! Candy, stickers, fun toys and trinkets… If you could make your very own pinata, what would it look like and what would you stuff inside? Use this list to inspire you to create your own!

Monday, May 4th in PreK!

                 Free Clipart Of Helping Hands | Free Images at - vector ...
Weekly Overview Monday May 4th-Friday May 8th:
Happy Virtual Culture Day! On Friday, May 8 we will celebrate our annual Culture Day from home. You will receive a choice board with fun learning activities and ideas to celebrate the Spanish-speaking world!  
We will not have our regular Zoom Meeting on Friday.
This week in PreK our students will be learning about how we can all help others.  We will discuss who we can help and how we can help one another.
Parents, if you would like to share with our students how you are helpful, please feel free to pop in on our Zoom meeting!  We’d love to hear from you!
We will also focus on Zoo animals!  Animals that are mammals, birds, fish, reptiles and amphibians.
Art with Mrs. Murphy:  Mrs. Murphy will be joining us today on Zoom!

#1 Pirate Dinosaurs: Here is a link to a fun book from Scholastic. It is a mash up of a couple my favorite themes for students your age, Pirates and Dinosaurs!!!  I think the illustrations are really cute and I thought you might enjoy using your imagination to create your own illustrations to go along with this theme. Click here to listen to the song about pirate dinosaurs: Pirasaurs! 

Art Assignment:

  • Draw or paint a picture of a pirate ship.

  • On separate pieces of paper draw and color your pirate dinosaur crew.

  • See if you can create a captain and first mate for your ship.

  • Cut them out (with permission or assistance from an adult).

  • Then tape or glue them on your ship.

  • Make sure you add the ocean waves so your ship can set sail… Ahoy, mateys!!!

Spanish with Senora Raven:

May 4th – Scavenger hunt!

Scavenger hunts are a great excuse for an adventure! This website has several to choose from. Pick one to do today and save the rest for later.  Some are best for indoor, others are best for being outside. You decide what you’re in the mood for! 🙂





Friday, May 1st in PreK! What Happened to the Dinosaurs?

Volcano Images, Stock Photos & Vectors | ShutterstockDinosaurs lived millions of years ago.  Some scientists think that the hot lava from so many volcanoes caused the extinction of dinosaurs.  Today, our students will learn about volcanoes.  We will talk about how volcanoes may have contributed to the dinosaurs extinction.

Attached to our daily email you will find a science experiment that includes household items to create a volcanic reaction!

Music with Mr. Keech: 

New Activities:


Spanish: Bebé Tiburón

Spanish with Senora Raven:  Senora Raven will be visiting us this morning! 

Print the map, color it, then have a grownup help you find the capital of Chile so that you can draw a black star on your country’s outline to indicate (or show) where the capital is located, then write out the capital’s name next to the star. See if you can write the capital and the country’s name (write it on the side where there’s more space) without any help.

Pregunta del Día: Do you remember what the capital of Chile is? (Santiago)

Thursday, April 30th in PreK!

Today our PreK students will learn that Dinosaurs left their footprints as they walked the earth!  We will measure the size of dinosaur footprints and compare them to ours!

The footprint of a dinosaur in the mudflats of Glen Rose Texas ...

Movement with Miss Haskins:

Move your body with Miss Haskins today! 

Music with Mr. Keech:  Mr. Keech will be joining us this morning during our Zoom meeting!

New Activities:

Read along: The Man with the Violin (TumbleBook Library)


Spanish: Bebé Tiburón

Spanish with Senora Raven:  Jueves

What do plants need? This flip flower craftivity is the perfect way to answer this question! Each petal has 4 things a flower needs to grow: tierra (dirt), aire (air), sol (sun) y agua (water). Draw a picture of what a plant needs within each petal, then cut out the bolder flower. Be careful not to cut off the little flap. Put a dab of glue over the little flap and fold it back so that it’s covering the main flower. If this sounds a little confusing, click here for visual instructions, as well as the pronunciation for each new vocabulary word.  

Pregunta del Día: What do plants need? (sol, agua, tierra y aire)

Wednesday, April 29th in PreK! Dinosaurs

Our PreK students are learning about Dinosaurs this week.  These PreK paleontologists are creating their very own fossils using a salt dough recipe they made at home!

Today we will focus on Dinosaur Eggs!  Our students will have the opportunity to make their own eggs using dirt or ice!

Art with Mrs. Murphy:

Remote Learning Resources and Strategies | Grades PreK-K

Silly Hats

Click on the link above Day 4 to:  Watch the Story: Happy Birthday, Moon

In this story, Bear goes to a hat shop to buy a hat for the moon.

Art Assignment 2: Create a Silly Hat 

Silly Hats
Click on the link above Day 4 to:  Watch the Story: Happy Birthday, Moon
In this story, Bear goes to a hat shop to buy a hat for the moon

Art Assignment 2: Create a Silly Hat

If you could create your own silly hat for a Crazy Hat Day, what would it look like?

Use construction paper or tissue paper to cut out and tape together your own silly hat to wear  around your house.

Movement: Wear your hat for a silly hat dance party. Click on this link for one of my favorite songs:  Chicken Bop Wear your silly hat, while you sing and dance along!


Spanish With Senora Raven: Miércoles

You’ll be doing another coloring, cutting and glueing activity, but this time you’ll be identifying the parts of a plant in Spanish! We’re learning several new words this week, so don’t forget to revisit the video from Monday to help you out with pronunciation. I’ve made it  easy for you to start watching the start of this activity by simply clicking here.
Pregunta del Día: How do you say the part of a plan in Spanish? (tallo, raíces, hoja y pétalo)