Study Abroad España Day Two – Exploring Barcelona

The Summit Prep’s 2019 Study Abroad Trip to España is officially  underway! Check back in and follow us on our adventures as we travel from Barcelona to Madrid in 11 days! We’ll do our best to post every day, with the intent being our students traveling will be creating the blog posts. But due to international internet connections and other traveling surprises, we may have to post several days at the same time!

**pictures will be added when we have a better wifi connection… still working on that. Check Facebook for lots of photos.

Day 2: Exploring Barcelona

Written by Will Beall, Summit Sixth Grader and currently waiting on his suitcase to arrive from America… so he’s wearing all his clothes multiple times

This morning after a good night of sleep we went down to breakfast, where we were delighted with fruit, croissants, salami, and much more. At 9:30 a.m we got on a tour bus and enjoyed the scenery as we headed into Barcelona. Once we were off the bus Jorge dropped us off on La Rambla Street. Jorge had to pick up the other groups so he left us to explore Barcelona.

First we went to the market (Mercat de la Boqueria) where we saw a variety of sweets, meats, fruits, and all sorts of things. The fish market was especially cool because you got to see the fish being descaled and prepared for sale.  At 12:45 we met back up outside of the market and walked to lunch. We found a different street and walked down it and found a place to have lunch (near Plaza Reial); the place was called Viana.

At lunch I had some chicken while my mom had cod. With full tummies we walked to the Christopher Columbus Statue. At the statue we got tickets to go on a boat that would take us around the harbor. While waiting to board we semi-danced to music.

Once on the boat we saw an absurdly big cruise ship and some cargo boats getting loaded. 30 minutes later we got off the boat and met up with Jorge and the other groups from Chicago and Alabama. After that we walked to the mall where we had dinner at a restaurant called Chipiron de Mocnchos Maremagnum. At dinner we all had chicken and rice for the main course and for dessert we had a chocolate mousse type thing. Soon after dessert we headed to our bus and went back to the hotel

. Once at the hotel a few people (including myself) went down to the beach and walked around for a little while. The sand was kind of grainy so it was easy to get it off of your feet. After that a few of us went shopping and the others of us went down to the hotel restaurant.

Right now I am typing this up and hopefully we sleep well. You will find out tomorrow.

Study Abroad España Day One – Arrival in Barcelona

The Summit Prep’s 2019 Study Abroad Trip to España is officially  underway! Check back in and follow us on our adventures as we travel from Barcelona to Madrid in 11 days! We’ll do our best to post every day, with the intent being our students traveling will be creating the blog posts. But due to international internet connections and other traveling surprises, we may have to post several days at the same time!

**pictures will be added Saturday when we have a better wifi connection.

Day 1: Arrival in Barcelona

Written by Amy Maas, Communications Officer and 2019 Study Abroad Chaperone

Our group was eager to take off on Thursday, June 11, 2019. We arrived at the Springfield Airport only to find out that our flight had been delayed, and we had a high probability of missing our connecting flight in Atlanta that was supposed to take us directly to Barcelona. After a lot of effort from some hard working Springfield Delta Gate Agents we were rerouted through Paris, ensuring that we’d arrive in Barcelona on Friday, just a little later than expected.

Hopes were still running high, we’d happened to luck into an extra day in Barcelona and weren’t meeting up with our other two groups until Saturday. So there wasn’t a lot of stress, just disappointment, about our detour. Beyond anyone’s wildest dreams, we landed in Atlanta much earlier than anyone anticipated. We decided to chance it and ran through the terminals, arriving out of breath as the gate agents were making the last call for our original direct flight to Barcelona (the one that we had dropped so we could rebook through Paris). Long story short, we were able to put 8 passengers back on our original direct flight (we’ll call them Señora Leighninger’s crew) and the rest of us took the later flight through Paris (aka Ms. Amy and Mrs. Smith’s crew).

The good news is, everyone made it safely to Barcelona! Señora Leighninger’s crew arrived around 9:00 a.m. (Spain time) and met up with our EF Tour Guide, Jorg (he’s German and you pronounce it “York” like New York. He’ll be with us the entire time and seems super nice and knowledgeable.). They took in the slights along the coast and saw part of the 1992 Barcelona Olympic Complex, before they returned to the hotel to pick up Ms. Amy and Mrs. Smith’s Paris group (who arrived around 2:15 p.m. local time).

With everyone FINALLY reunited, we made our way to the city centre in Barcelona to enjoy a light dinner along Rambla Catalunya. Most people in Spain eat their dinner meal at 9 p.m., but since we’re Americans Jorg has arranged for us to eat around 4-6 p.m. each night. The restaurant happened to be located next to a gelateria, so we took advantage of that and sampled our first taste of Spanish Gelato. Muy bien!

Stomachs full, we boarded our tour bus and headed to our hotel in Malgrat del Mar, about 1 hour away from Barcelona. The hotel is located about 100 yards from the beach and is surrounded by local places that serve tapas (and hopefully more gelato).

We’re all exhausted from our travels, and are calling it a semi-early night (although there is currently a local band playing in the lobby of the hotel and there are lot of people dancing… so you never know!).

Tomorrow, Saturday, we’ll have breakfast at our hotel and head back to Barcelona. Jorg is going to let us do some exploring along La Rambla (a fun, older shopping district close to the monument of Christopher Columbus). We’ll adventure around there while Jorg picks us the other two groups we’ll be traveling with for the next 10 days (Another school group from Chicago, and we think the other one is from Alabama… or Ohio. We’ll tell you tomorrow.). Then we’ll all meet up and “officially” start our tour!

All is well in España! We’ll share more soon! Viva The Summit!


Students celebrated their final days of Spanish class with fiestas!  Students had a blast hitting the piñata, diving for candy, enjoying tasty snacks, and watching a Spanish movie, Coco.  Muchas gracias to all that contributed items for our fiestas.  It was a great close to the 2018-2019 school year.

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Culture Day

The Summit’s 2019 Culture Day was a success!  This year, students traveled around various regions of Spain: Castilla y León, Islas Canarias, Andalucía, Valencia, Aragón, Cataluña, and Madrid. Each different region offered an authentic experience that one may encounter when traveling around Spain. Students sampled various tapas, learned to dance the flamenco, completed art projects inspired by Salvador Dali and Pablo Picasso, went on a scavenger hunt in search of animals native to Spain, learned about Spain’s annual Tomatina festival, and played a favorite childhood game for children who grow up in Spain, Chapas. This event was organized and carried out by our Summit upper school students. They did a tremendous job of facilitating the stations and engaging every student.

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Total Physical Response

Total Physical Response (TPR) is an effective teaching method that combines learning a second language with physical movement.  Research shows that learners best internalize a new language when they respond with physical activity. This approach is used daily in Spanish classrooms at The Summit. Students are seen  (and heard!!) playing active games, singing songs, and utilizing silly chants and gestures to reinforce vocabulary, phrases, and grammar that stimulate both sides of the brain.  Check out the 4th grade class learning all of the tricky interrogative words in Spanish through a fun song that incorporates gestures. After mastering the song, 4th graders went on a scavenger hunt around the room that required using interrogatives in a correct sequence.

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Mashup de Animales

In order to make deeper connections with what they are learning in their classroom, 3rd grade students are also taking a closer look at the animals of Missouri in Spanish class.  Students have learned their  Spanish names, characteristics they each have, and adjectives that describe them.  They were then assigned and animal mashup project which required them to take characteristics and features from 2-3 Missouri animals and combine them to form one brand new animal. Students then wrote a paragraph in Spanish about their animal, giving it a new name, explaining its features, describing its habitat and what it likes to do.  There were some pretty creative animals with interesting features, as you can see from the pictures!

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Español Afuera

We have been enjoying this beautiful weather by taking Spanish classes afuera (outside)2nd graders have been learning  various phrases and vocabulary used around the house.  They are in the middle of a new project: la casa de mis sueños (the house of my dreams). Students are planning and designing their dream house, labeling its parts in Spanish, and will eventually write a paragraph about its rooms and features. Fresh air and sunshine really got their creative juices flowing as they made progress on their creations.

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Third Trimester Overview

Welcome back to school.  I hope everyone had a restful and enjoyable break. It’s hard to believe that the third and final trimester of school is already underway!  Below you will find an overview of what each class in K-8 will be covering in Spanish class to wrap up the school year.

Kindergarten:  Our theme for the 3rd trimester is En la granja (On the Farm). Students will identify and name things found on the farm ,use action verbs to describe what various animals do, review and reinforce numbers 0-100, name the stages of the butterfly and frog life cycle, and identify various parts of the body of humans and animals.

1st Grade: Our theme for the 3rd trimester is Animales de mundo (Animals around the world). Students will identify and name animals from various classifications (arctic, mammals, insects, ocean, etc.), identify and use appropriate indefinite articles,  recall numbers 0-500, and utilize descriptive adjectives and action verbs to talk about various animals, their characteristics, and what they do.

2nd Grade: Our theme for the 3rd trimester is En mi casa (At My House). Students will name various parts of the house, rooms in a house, and a variety of appliances of furniture. Each student will describe his/her own house and/or dream house. Additionally, students will identify different body parts and organs and appy correct grammar rules when using adjectives and nouns together.

3rd Grade: Our theme for 3rd trimester is ¿Qué hay en Missouri? (What’s in Missouri?).  Students will  name and describe the characteristics of a number of animals found in Missouri, use prepositions to describe the location of a person, place, or thing, give directions from one point to another, and identify various geometric shapes.

4th Grade: Our theme for 3rd trimester is Mis sentimientos y emociones (My Feelings and Emotions). Students will use emotions to describe their feelings, continue using verbs in the present tense, conjugate and correctly use estar (to be) in the present tense, identify the differences between ser and estar, name and correctly (use interrogative words.

5th Grade: Our theme for 3rd trimester is En la selva tropical (In the Rain Forest). Students will name a variety of rain forest animals, describe rain forest animals’ physical appearance, discuss what is happening right now and what is going to happen, identify and correctly use demonstrative adjectives, and conjugate and correctly uses stem-changing verbs in the present tense.

6th Grade: Students just began a new unit: Mi Rutina Diaria  (My Daily Routine). Students will describe their daily routines, talk about personal hygiene, continue utilizing the past tense,  express  likes and interests, use reflexive verbs in the present tense, and identify and use indefinite and negative words.

7th/8th (Leighninger): Students just began a new unit: Un viaje en avión (A Trip on an Airplane). Students will talk about people, places, and things related to air travel, use common expressions needed at an airport, discuss what will, would, should, or could happen in the future, express will or desire using the present subjunctive, and discuss what has happened using the present perfect.

los pronósticos del tiempo (Weather Forecasts)

During the 2nd Trimester, 1st Grade students have been exploring the theme: ¿Qué Tiempo Hace? (What is the Weather Like?)  They learned how to say the four seasons and a variety of different ways to describe the weather that may occur during each season.  To utilize these new skills, students were then divided into small groups and become meteorologists.  Each team chose a Spanish-speaking city or country and created their own 5 day forecast  for that location.  The weather got pretty wacky for some of these areas!  Check them out!

Viernes Culturales (Cultural Fridays)

On Fridays in Spanish class, students spend time exploring the countries and cultures of the Spanish-speaking world. In lower school, students learn about a different country each trimester. During the 2nd trimester, third-fifth graders focused on the country of Argentina.  Students were given a basic introduction to the country and then were given various project options to complete as a way to explore and dive deeper into the country’s culture.  Projects included Google Slide presentations, musical performances of an authentic song or dance, cooking demonstrations of an authentic dish, travel videos, and travel brochures.  Check out some of the presentations below!

Yummy Alfajores!

Dance of Argentina

Mariposa Technicolor