Culture Day 2021

This year’s Summit Culture Day was focused on the country of Mexico.

Yesterday students discussed the history and significance of tortillas. They now understand that corn played a major role in the lives of the ancient civilizations that once inhabited Mexico, like the Maya and Aztec.  They learned all about the process of turning corn into tortillas and how corn actually used to look a lot different than it does today.

They also learned about the traditional Mexican folk art of painting on Amate. Artisans use bark paper made from fig trees, or amate, to paint colorful and detailed pictures of birds, plants, and whimsical animals.

On Friday, students were able to try their hand at making their own fresh tortillas and Amate creations.  It was a beautiful day outside to do some cooking and artwork! Third graders had their celebration today and will get to have their own Culture Day on Monday.

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Upcoming Events in Spanish

It’s hard to believe we are nearing the final days of school! However, we still have so many exciting events and projects to look forward to.

Grandfriends Day:

Tomorrow is Grandfriends Day, but parents and friends are also invited to join us. Be sure to check out all of the fun projects that students have been working on in Spanish class.

Fourth Grade Students are Going LIVE!

Don’t miss the 4th graders going LIVE at 10:30 to highlight Spanish class. Students will be performing a Reader’s Theater to present all of the things they have learned in Spanish this year. Don’t worry, we will have English AND Russian subtitles for our viewing audience!

Culture Day:

Next Friday, students will be participating in our annual Culture Day. This year, focus will be on Mexican cuisine and folk art. Students will be making homemade tortillas and creating Amate designs.

La casa de mis sueños

Second grade students have been learning common vocabulary and phrases used around the house. As a final project, 2nd graders are designing la casa de sus sueños, or their dream house. Students are encouraged to use their creativity to include all of the typical rooms and parts of the house, along with any other fun ideas and features. They will label each item in Spanish and then complete a writing project to describe their creations. I want to live in some of these houses! Check them out.


3rd Trimester Overview

It’s hard to believe that the 3rd trimester is already underway! Here are the themes and topics we will cover in Spanish classes for 1st through 6th Grades:

1st Grade: Animales del mundo (Animals of the World)

-Identifies and names animals from various classifications (arctic, mammals, insects, ocean, etc.).                                                                                    -Identifies and uses appropriate indefinite articles                                        -Recites numbers 0-100                                                                                                  -Uses descriptive adjectives and action verbs to talk about various animals, their characteristics, and what they do

2nd Grade: En mi casa (At My House)

-Names various parts of the house                                                                           -Names different rooms in a house                                                                          -Names a number of appliances and furniture                                                    -Describes his/her own house                                                                                     -Applies correct grammar rules when using adjectives and nouns        -Recites numbers 0-1000

3rd Grade: ¿Qué hay en Missouri? (What’s in Missouri?)

-Names a number of animals found in Missouri                                                -Describes the characteristics of Missouri animals                                        -Uses prepositions to describe the location of a person, place, or thing                                                                                                                                             -Gives directions from one point to another                                                      -Recites numbers 0-millions

4th Grade: En el zoológico (At the Zoo)

-Names various animals found at the zoo                                                             -Describes the features of different animals at the zoo                              -Describes what different animals do                                                                      -AR verbs in the present tense                                                                                    -Conjugates and correctly uses -ER/-IR verbs in the present tense

5th Grade: En la selva tropical (In the Rainforest)

-Names a variety of rainforest animals                                                                   -Describes rainforest animals’ physical appearance                                     -Discusses what is happening right now                                                               -Discusses what is going to happen                                                                         -Conjugates and correctly uses stem-changing verbs in the present tense

6th Grade: ¡Vamos de compras! (Let’s Go Shopping!)

-Talk about and describe clothing                                                                              -Express preferences in a store                                                                                   -Negotiate and pay for items                                                                                       -Talk about things you did in the past

Spanish Weather Forecasts in First Grade

During the 2nd Trimester, 1st Grade students  explored the theme: ¿Qué Tiempo Hace? (What is the Weather Like?)  They learned how to say the four seasons and a variety of different ways to describe the weather that may occur during each season.  To utilize these new skills, students were then divided into small groups and become meteorologists.  Each team chose a Spanish-speaking country and created their own 5 day forecast  for that location.  The weather got pretty wacky for some of these areas!  Check them out!

Música y Movimiento (Music and Movement)

Music and movement are powerful learning tools that are utilized often in the Spanish classroom. Music exposes learners to new vocabulary, idioms, accents, and expressions. Songs tend to stick with students and allow them to retain larger amounts of information.

Movement is equally as important while leaning a 2nd language.  Movement activates both sides of the brain, allowing students to make connections between speech and activity.

Not only do music and movement boost the process of language learning, but they are also very popular and well-received from students. See below for videos and photos of both in action.

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Spanish Fashion in Sixth Grade

Sixth grade students are currently in the middle of a project that combines the preterite (past tense) with their Moda, or fashion unit. Students are working in pairs to design and describe various clothing ensembles.  Check out a very special sneak peek of Mrs. Smith hitting the runway with the latest fashion!

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