Coin Challenge Winner & Welcome to the SPO Blog!

Hello Summit Families!! SPO Exec is really excited to be connecting with everyone through our new blog. We know it’s been a different and tough year. Our intent and hope for this is to build some sort of school-wide community….to connect us all and give us a better sense of what it’s like when our kids walk through the front doors. Plus, it will give you an idea of what SPO is all about – supporting our school, students & families.

We will try and post something every week, whether that’s a reminder, pictures or just for fun! So be sure to subscribe to be notified when new posts have been made.

In this first official SPO blog post, a shout out goes out to EVERYONE who participated in January’s coin challenge. Combined, you all raised $949.74…wow!!! This money will be used to purchase teacher/school wish list items and fund various SPO activities. Wondering what those are? More on both of those topics to come in the near future.

In the meantime, congrats to Mrs. Bradley’s Kindergarten class for being the winner of the coin challenge by collecting $245.75! They will celebrate with a donut party & be the first recipients of the SPO Challenges Trophy. Below are all the classes with their respective coin jars. Thanks again everyone for participating & we hope your kids had fun. And a special thanks to the teachers & students in 2nd, 4th & 7th grades for counting all of the coins. What a great learning tool!

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Coin Challenge Winners! Mrs. Bradley's Kindergarten class is taking the trophy for the January Coin Challenge. As a class, they collected $245.75!
Early Learners - $90.89
1st Grade - $164.85
2nd Grade - $161.51
3rd Grade - $23.66
4th Grade - $66.75
5th Grade - $57.37
6th Grade - $47.42
7th Grade - $9.00 Like the creativity in the posing!
8th Grade - $22.22
High School - $71.23
All of the coin collection containers