About SPO

As a Summit Parent or Guardian, you are a member of the Summit Parent Organization (SPO). SPO was formed in 2007 as a link between parents, faculty, staff, and the Board of Trustees to enhance communication and foster a partnership to create the best learning environment possible.

To make this partnership successful, parents must play an active role at the school. To do this, SPO asks each family to volunteer four times throughout the school year to assist with the many fundraising and community events at The Summit. 

SPO’s active parent involvement, along with faculty, staff, and the Board of Trustees, makes The Summit a truly inspiring place for children!

Questions: Brittney Kaegel, SPO President

2020-2021 SPO Executive Officers
  • President: Brittney Kaegel
  • VP Finance: Tess Hemphill
  • VP Communications: Jamie Altrup
  • VP Upper School: Shelley Beall
  • VP Lower School: Angela Teters
  • Board of Trustees Representative: Rachel Gerken
  • Assistant Treasurer:
  • SCRIP Coordinator: Phil Isley
2020-2021 SPO Class Reps
  • Early Learners: Tess Hemphill
  • Kindergarten: Mandy Seaman
  • 1st Grade: Annette Albert & Rachel Rothwell
  • 2nd Grade: Tara Anderson
  • 3rd Grade: Mariana Zamora
  • 4th Grade: Jamie Altrup
  • 5th Grade: Holly Hunt
  • 6th Grade: Greg Walker
  • 7th Grade: Alice Nelson
  • 8th Grade: Liliana Swinney
  • High School: Misty Lowe & Shelley Beall