This week in middle school social studies

Week of March 30

This week in US history, students are learning about the rapid changes and economic growth that came with the 1950s.

Monday & Tuesday, March 30th & 31st – The Affluent Era 

Students will have the opportunity to have a live virtual class meeting with their regular classmates on these days. The lesson will be shared in Classroom after for students who were unable to attend. Students should take notes on the lesson and engage in the class discussion.

Wednesday, April 1 – Sounds of the 1950s

Similarly to last week, students will take some time to listen to the music that people listened to throughout the 1950s. This time, though, it’s their task to assemble the playlist. Using their resources, they are to discover some of the top songs of the era (hint: Elvis, Chuck Berry – of Missouri!, Buddy Holly, and “Rock Around the Clock”!). Their assignment is to create their own Top Ten chart, explaining why they chose those songs. 

Classroom check-in: upload your Top Ten chart to the Classroom assignment.

Office Hours: 11-noon and 1-3 pm

Thursday, April 2 – Standard of Living

Check out this 1959 speech from Richard Nixon. Students will be asked  to consider some of the following questions: What do you think he meant by the line, “We have other problems in our society but we are confident that for us our system of government provides the best means for solving them”? What does he mean by a “standard of living”? What were some of the typical items Americans were consuming in their homes? How many Americans were employed vs. unemployed? What aid was available to those who were unemployed?

Classroom check-in: upload a document answering these questions, and add your own questions as they arise.

Office Hours: 11-noon and 1-3 pm

Friday, April 3 –  Other Problems in Our Society

Students will watch the video posted to Classroom and will answer some of the following questions: What stands out to you about the 1950s? What are some other problems you are seeing throughout American society? Find an image or video footage from the time that represents one of those issues, and share it in a doc to the assignment posted in Classroom. You might utilize Brown v. Board or Hernandez v. Texas in your answer. Students’ answers may be creative pieces, as they did last week for Sounds of the Cold War. They may also opt to type their responses up in a nonfiction format. 

Classroom check-in: share your response about other issues in society on Classroom via Google doc or a photo/video of your creative piece.

Office Hours: 11-noon and 1-3 pm

This week’s optional extension: continue your research project. Share your notes with Mrs. Smith for feedback.

Social Studies Update

Middle School

This week, middle school students have continued learning about the Cold War. Their focus shifted from a global perspective to what was happening in the United States, allowing them to zoom in on the situation and see what an average American might have been considering during this time.

Students did a fabulous job checking in on Classroom and furthering their understanding. One assignment asked students to listen to a Smithsonian playlist on the sounds of the Cold War, and students were able to respond in a variety of ways. Some chose to write haikus and other types of poetry, others created cartoons, some created other types of art, and some chose to take notes and respond to questions. I’ve enjoyed seeing their creativity this week!

Next week, middle school students will focus on the Affluent Era of the 1950s. I’ll be sharing the week’s plan with parents and students on Monday, but they should continue to check their Classroom daily.

High School

Students in high school wrapped up a short study of the Taney, Christian, and Douglas County Bald Knobber vigilante groups on Tuesday. On Thursday, students began studying politics and corruption in late 19th century and early 20th century Missouri, specifically in Kansas City with the Pendergast Machine. Their week wrapped today by sharing some encouraging current events from the state of Missouri and responding to others’ posted articles.

Advisory and Office Hours

It’s been lovely to check in with many students this week through regular advisory and office hours. I’ve been proud of students’ flexibility as we have made this transition to distance learning, and I’m looking forward to learning more alongside them in the coming weeks!

Math with Mrs. B

Hello all! As most of you have read in Google Classroom, here is the plan for distance learning in Mrs. B’s math classes:

  • A weekly work plan will be posted by Monday morning by 8am to Google Classroom outlining the learning objectives for the week and suggested activities for each day.
  • Activities will include Khan Academy videos and practice problems, IXL practice problems, worksheets, problems from the eText (precalc only), and optional Zoom help sessions on T/Th (time varies by class).
  • Students will be expected to be logged into Khan Academy and IXL (integrated math only) when in use.
  • In addition to the help sessions, I will be available by appointment during my “office hours” from 1-3 on M/W/F. Students can email me to request a meeting outside the regularly-scheduled help sessions.
  • Periodically throughout the week, I will post recordings of myself working out example problems for extra support. Students may request that I work out a specific problem by posting the question on Google Classroom.
  • There will be a short “check for understanding” every Friday on which students will demonstrate that they’ve mastered the learning objectives for the week.

Please join your class’s help session tomorrow at the designated time if you have any questions. If your questions can’t wait until tomorrow, you are welcome to email me.


Middle School:

This week middle school students will be learning nomenclature and formulas of ionic and covalent compounds.

High School:

High school students are wrapping up their projects on Earth’s cycles and uploading them to share with classmates. Students will offer feedback and ask questions of one another to gain a better understanding of the topics being shared.

Checking In

Upper School,

We hope you’ve all enjoyed the break this week! We wanted to let families know that the Upper School team will be meeting virtually on Monday and sharing information about the Upper School distance learning plan by the end of that day. Students should check their email and Google Classroom each day, and teachers will be communicating with parents, as well.
Enjoy the weekend!

Friday List, 3/6/20

Hello Upper School Families!

Here’s your weekly list of helpful links. This information can also be found on the Raven Reports.

Esports Informational Meeting for Parents & Students: Wednesday, 3/11 at 3:45 p.m.

Summit employees met with 5th-12th grade students interested in starting an Esports Team at The Summit this week. The response was overwhelming and very enthusiastic! Next, we will be hosting an informational meeting for both PARENTS and students on Wednesday, March 11th right after school (3:45-4:30 p.m.) to discuss Esports at The Summit. Drury’s Esports coach will also be at the meeting to answer any questions about Esports.

Save the Date: Singo with SPO – Saturday, April 25th

Saturday, April 25th
Barn House Event Center
5484 W. Sunshine St.
Springfield, MO 65807
Doors Open at 5 p.m., Singo Begins at 7 p.m.

Be sure to mark your calendars now, and plan to be at The Summit’s first Singo & Chili Supper Fundraiser, sponsored by SPO! Singo is the best combination of Bingo and Name That Tune, and a great event for all ages. Will you be crowned a SINGO winner? Tickets are $25 per person. Invite your friends to attend this fun event! Prizes will be awarded to winners each round. More information coming soon. Questions? Contact Ellen Chindlund, SPO Treasurer and SINGO Chair.

Passion Projects in Middle School Language Arts

Middle school students have solidified topics and research questions for our Passion Project Unit, which allows students to cultivate research skills while exploring their topics of choice. The week began at The Library Center, where students checked out books that somehow connect to their chosen topics. The goal was less about source acquisition and more about engagement, so students could choose any text, even novels that touch on their topics. Mr. Joe, one of the library staff members, delivered a helpful demo to seventh and eighth graders on using databases like GALE and EBSCO to acquire credible online sources. Greene County students can use their library card numbers to access these resources even when they are not physically at the library. I provided a similar demonstration to sixth graders on Thursday, so they, too, know how to find database sources.

Next, we learned the art of concept mapping–that is, intentionally brainstorming an array of diverse questions that cover the scope of a chosen topic. After, students narrowed to ten, intentionally worded research questions. They focused on varying not only content but question structure (who, what, when, where, why, etc.). On Thursday, students practiced professional email etiquette by emailing a teacher whose subject area connects with their topic of choice. These student-teacher partnerships could help generate ideas that students can use to drive their research.

Although this unit is primarily about the process of research, students will eventually have the opportunity to teach their peers about their passions. Parents and guardians, I invite you to strike up a conversation with your student about his or her topic. It has been refreshing for me to see how excited they are to learn about their individual interests.

Spirit Week!

Summit Spirit Week 2020

Next week is Summit Spirit Week! Show off your Raven pride in our special themed days! Dressing out is not required to have Summit spirit. Each day is an optional, no-cost dress out theme day. Clothing should always be school appropriate. Students may choose to wear their regular uniform as well.
Monday, March 9th: Specials Day – Celebrate Summit Specials Classes by dressing as a favorite musician, artist, or athlete… or anything that represents those specials classes!
Tuesday, March 10th: Spanish Day – We attend Spanish class everyday! Dress to attend a fiesta! Any Summit Spanish shirt, Hispanic flag colors, taco outfits, etc. Note: This is still a PE day, so be sure you can run around and move freely in your outfit.
**TACO TUESDAY** We will host an all-school picnic on Tuesday! Parents are welcome to attend. Tinga Taco’s food truck will be on campus for hot lunch! School lunches are available for $5 (pre-order or order morning of by 9:00 am, just like normal): 2 beef tacos, 2 chicken tacos, or a half order of nachos. The whole food truck menu will also be available for purchase with cash or card (for adults or upper school students).
Wednesday, March 11th: College & Career Day – At The Summit, we prepare our students for life! Dress for your future career or to support your favorite college/university!
Thursday, March 12th: Pajama Day – We love our 8:45 a.m. start time at The Summit! Dress comfy in your school appropriate pajamas. Remember that students should wear regular close-toed, close-heeled shoes for walking around the building and for PE class!
Friday, March 13th: Ravens Reach Out Day – Not only are Summit students intelligent, they’re also good citizens! For the third year in a row, we are participating in our Raven Reach Out Day, when our entire school (Beginners through High School) volunteers in the community. Dress in Summit Spirit Wear, pants, and shoes appropriate for light yard work. Check your emails for more information.

Student-Led Conferences

Students and teachers are looking forward to student-led conferences tomorrow!

Students were asked to use their Summit skills to share an interest or passion with their parents.  Students chose to create a presentation, facilitate a discussion on content area progress, write an essay, create an artistic piece, share portfolio artifacts, teach a lesson, perform an experiment, etc. This is an opportunity for students to showcase their learning and practice communication skills.

Please enjoy light snacks and board games in the US annex while you wait for your conference. Your mentor teacher(s) will meet you there. If you have specific content questions, please reach out to those teachers directly to set up an alternate meeting time.

Science Update

Middle school students are wrapping up their science fair projects. If you have not done so yet, please bring a tri-fold to school.

High school students are studying ecology and ecological relationships between species.