Film Fest 2018: Day 2

Our second day of film fest was one of lots of laughs and lessons too. The students brought in their props, costumes, and even set materials to do the majority of their filming. The day was busy as the students used the spaces available to them and problem-solve through the bumps that come with creating a film in three days.

When I asked the students why they like film fest, the answers vary: collaboration, creativity, script writing, utilizing skills such as video editing and storytelling. We, the teachers, love seeing the students communicate, plan, organize, work together, rise in leadership, problem-solve, face and overcome struggles, and have fun! Ask your student what they enjoy about the process?

Tomorrow is the student’s final day to finish up filming, edit, and get their final film to Mr. Keech in time for viewing Thursday. On Thursday, students in 3rd through 5th grade classes are invited to join in the Upper School as we view the films. We are excited to see how  the work of the week comes together!