Film Fest 2018: Results

We kicked the morning off with a viewing of all the films; Upper School was joined by the 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade classes. Immediately after the viewing, Upper School students voted for the People’s Choice. We headed upstairs to exchange Secret Snowflake gifts, visit, and play games.

At the end of the morning, we gathered in Mrs. Cook’s room where the teacher’s shared their own film they created. The students laughed as they watched the teacher’s silliness, a short-film titled “Literally.” For your viewing ease, the videos are within this post.

Film Fest 2018 Results

Best Cinematography – Good Carma (Evan, McKenzie, Calla)

Best Sound – Good Carma (Evan, McKenzie, Calla)

Best Costuming – Escape Your Fate (Charlotte, Garret, Wyatt, Bill, Zane)

Middle School Best Editing – The Monster Sci-Fi That’s Unnamed

High School Best Editing – The Flatliner (Jenna, Verity, Cooper, Jacob)


Best Actor – Reid B.

Best Actress  – Greta


Middle School Best FIlm – The Humanoid (Grace, Reid, Jacob, Will)

High School Best Film – Good Carma


Teacher’s Choice – The Humanoid (Grace, Reid, Jacob, Will)

People’s Choice – Faux News (Faith, Kaitlyn, Zion)