Learning Projects in Language Arts

We are putting our understanding to the test as we apply our knowledge to create experiences to share information with one another. Each Language Arts class is in the middle of a project with this goal in mind.

Image result for meme about figurative language6th Grade 

The 6th graders have been working to understand how the types of figurative language work within different texts and influence the connotative meaning. After reviewing our terminology and evaluating figurative language in multiple writings, the students are utilizing their creativity and understanding of figurative language to write a parody of a song which teaches the listener about figurative language. Using parody to review, explore, and share content is not a new concept, and there are some pretty fantastic examples out there! Here’s an awesome example from some school librarians.


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7th and 8th Grade

The 7th and 8th grade teams have been working with analyzing and deconstructing non-fiction effectively. We’ve reviewed strategies for pre-reading, reading, and post-reading strategies which will support them as they read more complex texts. As a way to put these skills to use in a way which provides them the opportunity to both teach and practice, the students are designing breakout box (think escape room but with a box to get into) which utilize a variety of non-fiction resources to challenge their classmates to use their strategies, critical thinking, and in-depth reading skills. The students will create a box and then work to solve a box from the another team. There are some fun themes being created with the non-fiction texts the students are cultivating for their box.

Image result for meme about edgar allen poe

High School 

As we continue to make connections and gather commonalities of American writers, the students in high school are currently exploring American poets. Each student selected a poet to learn about, and then the poets are grouped by contemporaries to allow them to discuss the connecting pieces between writers who are creating around the same time period. The students will work to gain knowledge of their poet in order to then facilitate a poetry gallery and discussion for the class with their contemporaries grouping. The students will research their poet, read a body of poems, and analyze three poems of their choice. Stemming from this knowledge, they will discuss with their groups to understand the historical and cultural influences on the poets of that time.


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