Social Studies Update

Middle School

Students in middle school have wrapped up their study of World War II and are preparing for an assessment of their learning on the Great Depression and World War II. As part of our preparation, we’re discussing essential study skills and collaborating through students in small groups teaching each other information. Upon completion of the assessment, our classes will move into a study of the Cold War and the 1950s. 

High School

High school students are completing their argumentative research papers in the next few classes. They will also continue their learning of the unique nature of the Civil War in Missouri. Our class is inviting in a guest speaker to discuss specifically what the war looked like locally in the Ozarks, which should spark some good discussion.


Seventh grade students are currently studying the geography of Asia. As part of this study, students have chosen countries to learn more about and are preparing travel advertisements (tv ads, magazine ads, and brochures) to showcase reasons to travel to their country of choice. To prepare these advertisements, students have had to consider audience; who am I trying to draw to my country, and what specific things can I highlight to bring them here?