Upper School Update

Student-Led Conferences

Upper school students are preparing work for their upcoming student-led conferences. Students have the choice of a variety of ways to showcase their learning, and they have had time set aside this week to prepare a presentation for their parents. Teachers are excited for students to have this opportunity to show off the topics about which they are passionate.

Bake Sale

Eighth grade students are continuing their efforts to raise money for a trip at the end of the semester. They are currently selling a variety of baked goods to upper school students during the lunch hour and to the whole school at carline. Be sure to stop by and sample some of the treats!


Photojournalism students have been diligently working on the yearbook. Yesterday, we took some time to practice our photography skills. After a student-led lesson on different types of shots and techniques, students took off across the school to complete a shot list. As a class, we discussed the need to take multiple shots and select the best options before choosing which photos to edit and include in the yearbook.