Math with Mrs. B

Hello all! As most of you have read in Google Classroom, here is the plan for distance learning in Mrs. B’s math classes:

  • A weekly work plan will be posted by Monday morning by 8am to Google Classroom outlining the learning objectives for the week and suggested activities for each day.
  • Activities will include Khan Academy videos and practice problems, IXL practice problems, worksheets, problems from the eText (precalc only), and optional Zoom help sessions on T/Th (time varies by class).
  • Students will be expected to be logged into Khan Academy and IXL (integrated math only) when in use.
  • In addition to the help sessions, I will be available by appointment during my “office hours” from 1-3 on M/W/F. Students can email me to request a meeting outside the regularly-scheduled help sessions.
  • Periodically throughout the week, I will post recordings of myself working out example problems for extra support. Students may request that I work out a specific problem by posting the question on Google Classroom.
  • There will be a short “check for understanding” every Friday on which students will demonstrate that they’ve mastered the learning objectives for the week.

Please join your class’s help session tomorrow at the designated time if you have any questions. If your questions can’t wait until tomorrow, you are welcome to email me.