Social Studies Update

Middle School

This week, middle school students have continued learning about the Cold War. Their focus shifted from a global perspective to what was happening in the United States, allowing them to zoom in on the situation and see what an average American might have been considering during this time.

Students did a fabulous job checking in on Classroom and furthering their understanding. One assignment asked students to listen to a Smithsonian playlist on the sounds of the Cold War, and students were able to respond in a variety of ways. Some chose to write haikus and other types of poetry, others created cartoons, some created other types of art, and some chose to take notes and respond to questions. I’ve enjoyed seeing their creativity this week!

Next week, middle school students will focus on the Affluent Era of the 1950s. I’ll be sharing the week’s plan with parents and students on Monday, but they should continue to check their Classroom daily.

High School

Students in high school wrapped up a short study of the Taney, Christian, and Douglas County Bald Knobber vigilante groups on Tuesday. On Thursday, students began studying politics and corruption in late 19th century and early 20th century Missouri, specifically in Kansas City with the Pendergast Machine. Their week wrapped today by sharing some encouraging current events from the state of Missouri and responding to others’ posted articles.

Advisory and Office Hours

It’s been lovely to check in with many students this week through regular advisory and office hours. I’ve been proud of students’ flexibility as we have made this transition to distance learning, and I’m looking forward to learning more alongside them in the coming weeks!