Social Studies Update

Middle School

On Monday, students joined live classes in their grade levels to discuss their understanding of the political history of the 1960s. After listening to a speech of their choice from both JFK and LBJ last week, students were asked to learn about their childhoods and discover some of the challenges these men faced during their presidencies. I so appreciated students’ thoughtful, critical responses and the observant nature of their notes.

This week, middle school students are continuing their study of the 1960s by looking at the social history of the times. Today’s research involved examining the pop culture of the decade, and students have already submitted pieces of art they have completed in response to their research, collections of slang terms from the time, and slideshows full of images that helped them to understand fashionable items from the ’60s. Tomorrow, students will create a timeline to highlight five to ten major events of the 1960s and share it to Classroom. Their final assignment for the week is to continue to work on their long-term research project, driven by their interest areas, and share an update in Classroom. Be sure to ask them about their topic choice.

Next week, students will begin their study of Vietnam and the 1970s.

High School

High school students have each selected their individual research projects in Missouri history and are pursuing relevant sources before crafting their thesis statements. Students have regular checkpoints posted in Classroom and meet via Zoom with questions and updates. They have selected a variety of research areas and final products to share with their classmates, and I’m excited to see their learning progress in this way.