This Week in Math with Mrs. B

Good Monday morning! In honor of Grandfriends Day, I encourage students to take Tuesday off. However, should students want to challenge their grandfriends to an in-person or virtual Game of Hex, details are posted in Classroom. Here’s what’s coming up this week in math:

Integrated Math

Students will finish their study of dilations this week with a combination of video lessons and practice problems. To wrap up the week, students will show what they’ve learned about dilations in the Dilate It! activity, in which students can get as creative as they want to draw a shape then dilate it. See the work plan below for suggested pacing.

Algebra 2

Students will deepen their understanding of exponential functions and change by studying real-world applications of exponential growth and decay. For an additional challenge, students have the opportunity to further apply exponential functions to compound interest problems. See the work plan below for details.


This week in Precalc, students will study the final method in solving systems of equations: Cramer’s Rule. See the work plan below for details.