Electives Update

Photo Journalism

The photo journalism team is nearly done with the 2019-20 yearbook! Although we won’t have an in-person signing party before the school year is over, TreeRing allows students to add electronic signatures to each other’s books. This can be done by requesting someone to sign your book, and it’s a great way to still have that personalization and notes from friends.

Model United Nations

Students in MUN have done a great job in recent weeks studying the political response to COVID-19 from their country’s perspective. They were given the optional extension of comparing their representative country’s approach with that of the United States, as well.


Seventh grade students are nearing the end of their geography course with an examination of North America. Their recent work to learn about South American geography allowed for them to create fun “Carmen Sandiego” style quizzes for each other to test their knowledge of landmarks and geographical elements of the continent.