Science Update

This is our last week of science fun!
Middle School:
Students, after learning about the properties of waves and the parts of the electromagnetic spectrum, have been asked to look into 4G vs 5G. Why? Because cellphones are the most widely used piece of technology these days that utilize the electromagnetic spectrum.

Questions/Conversation Starters:

What does 4G or 5G mean?

What can 5G do that 4G cannot?

How do the frequencies and wavelengths differ with 4G and 5G?

High School:
Students are taking a look at karst topography to gain a better understanding of the area we live in.

Questions/Conversation Starters:

What are some unique features of karst topography?

What is it about karst topography makes it more susceptible to pollution vs other types of topography?

How did this type of topography form?