Social Studies Update

Reminder: Teachers are available next week for optional conferences. Please reach out to mentors or content-area teachers to schedule.

Middle School: 

Middle school students are wrapping up their studies in American history by sharing their final projects. These projects range in student choice, spanning 1945 to 1980 in United States history. Students began their research for these projects before spring break, returning to them on a weekly basis to build on their layers of understanding. Students utilized primary sources, database research, documentaries, and helpful articles throughout this process. The first few presentations yesterday showed fantastic growth, mastery, and significance of the topics chosen.

Next week, students will have the option to attend live classes via Zoom to continue their learning of the 70s, 80s, and 90s.  

High School: 

High school students are also completing their final projects, which span the 20th century in Missouri. Some have elected to look at more current topics, including healthcare and politics in Missouri over the past few decades, while others are digging into older sources to understand the 1920s and the Great Depression. Students are utilizing primary sources, census data, government documents, and databases to conduct their research and understand their topics more fully. They had the option in how to share their learning in this project; some have elected to write argumentative papers, some have made white board videos, others will record their presentations on Loom, and still others are choosing to meet via Zoom to share one on one what they have learned.