First Day!

It was such a joy to see Upper School students back on campus today! Teachers were thrilled to welcome students into their classrooms and start building relationships. 

Culinary Arts:

Students discussed areas of interest, different types of projects, and reading recipes. Our plan for tomorrow is to bake the “best ever” chocolate chip cookies! (I will be sure to share an update on our recipe. If you have a family favorite, feel free to share!)

Digital Citizenship:

We started this class with a discussion of what the title means and what sorts of things we’ll be learning this year. Sixth grade students did a great job discussing what it means to be a good citizen of the United States, and then they transferred that knowledge to the digital world. One big topic of discussion was creating safe, secure passwords. I’m excited for all we will explore this year!

Current Events:

In this class, we discussed where we find our news, what “clickbait” is, media advertising, and so much more! We briefly discussed some of the major items in the news this summer, and students began to formulate their areas of interest, which will take shape as the semester progresses. I’m looking forward to rich discussion in the weeks to come while they build their media literacy. 


High school advisory consisted of time outside, walking the track, and meeting each other under the pavilion to learn each other’s names and important information. Middle school took Advisory time to stretch out and breathe some fresh outside air. We were grateful for the great weather today!

Middle School World History: 

Middle school students across the grades talked about what world history might entail. We discussed early people, observation, communication, and necessary aspects to create a civilization – especially rivers! Students did a great job jumping back into participating actively, and it was wonderful to hear their thoughts and questions.