Math with Mrs. Cook

This week in Math with Mrs. Cook at the Middle School level, we have been focusing on setting ourselves up for future success by watching a few clips about brain plasticity and growth mindset. Feel free to click on the links to see what types of things we are learning in this area. We have also set up and practiced with Google Classroom, Desmos, Google Jamboard, digital journals and note-taking, Khan Academy and IXL (depending on the class). As we jumped into some visual math tasks, students have been bravely sharing their thoughts and ideas. These tasks include things like looking at the images below for 1-3 seconds and then calculating how many of each things there are. We are trying to figure out structures to help us recognize patterns to aid in making calculations.

6th grade has begun their first unit on Geometry with decomposing shapes to find area, and Algebra 1 has begun their study on Modeling with Functions by comparing and contrasting different types of sequences.


The High School Precalculus/Trigonometry class this week has focused on a review of functions (primarily analyzing, representing, graphing, and transforming them) along with learning a few unfamiliar tasks such as determining if they are even or odd and/or one-to-one. We have jumped right back in after a long break from doing math in person and are getting our math brains back into gear.