Language Arts Electives!

In addition to my regular classes, I also teach Science Fiction Literature and Photojournalism/yearbook.  I consider it a great privilege to be teaching two such fun and interesting classes with some great students who never cease to amaze me and/or keep me entertained.


The students involved in Science Fiction Lit. and Photojournalism have not been idle these past weeks. Science Fiction has engaged with several pieces of short fiction by legendary Sci Fi author Ray Bradbury.  It has been wonderful to engage in conversation about how these Sci Fi classics are still relevant and inform audiences today despite being written so many decades ago.  As we wrap up that unit this week, the students are determining what novel they would like to explore.  They are currently deciding between “Dune” by Frank Herbert and “Hyperion” by Dan Simmons. Both of these novels are considered Sci Fi masterpieces and have won several awards.  We’re hoping to get started on their choice Monday of next week.  Whichever they choose, I’m sure they will enjoy these epic works of literature.


Photojournalism has been hard at work coming up with a theme, layout, and pages for activities to cover for the yearbook.  They have already been out and about (masked and socially distant of course) taking photos of the many goings on around campus. They are gearing up to cover anything and everything Summit related so that our finished product is wonderful snapshot of what this school year had to offer; from the many adversities we are overcoming to the many celebrations of achievement by our students. I am very grateful to have the wonderful students that I do in both of these classes as they all demonstrate poise, confidence, intelligence, an inquisitive spirit, and a desire to learn and grow.  What else could a teacher possible want in students?


All in all, these students are a joy to work with and in two classes that I am thrilled to teach. I couldn’t be happier to get to work with them all.