Workshop Wednesday – Vision is Revision

Tomorrow, Wednesday the 2nd, all upper school language arts classes will engage in writer’s workshop on the rough draft of their respective writing projects (Personal Narratives for 7-12 and Creative Fiction for 6th). They’ve been spending time in class crafting this story and preparing for this step.  All students should have their rough drafts ready at the top of class on the 2nd.  Writer’s Workshop is the first step in the revision process where a writer can receive feedback on their work as they begin to work on their 2nd (or final) draft.  Students often have mixed emotions regarding revision, and Writer’s Workshop in particular, depending on their past experiences, but I’m hopeful they will be able to get some useful feedback from their peers while still being able to retain authorship of their work.  The ability to absorb feedback and utilize it to improve one’s writing is as important a skill as any when it comes to writing and composition.  It’s never too early or often to engage in the revision process. I’m confident the students will discover new things about not only how they write, but the writing of their peers.  It is my hope that both this direct and indirect feedback can help inform their writing both on this project and beyond.