Engaging with the Writing Process


This week, all three core classes engaged in the writing process by completing a first draft of their current project, participating in Writer’s Workshop, and then beginning conferences with me as they move toward the final product of their first writing project this year.  I’ve been very impressed by what I’ve read so far!  So much so, that I’ve decided to extend our time with this project so that we have ample time to work and re-work their already exciting writing into a product of which they can truly be proud.

The creative process isn’t one to be rushed so it is my hope that by circling back to engage more with what they’ve written, it’ll help them to bring out as authentic a voice as they can muster.  This will be accomplished through further conferences with me, further drafting, and possibly more workshop participation. I truly want to honor the work they’ve done and hope to build them up as young writers who enjoy it for it’s own sake and for what it can do for them. It is my hope to help them grow and enjoy the process.

I think that, all too often, young writers cease to write because they are fearful that they aren’t as good as someone else or because they have internalized some negative criticism.  I’m hoping to encourage them to see that they are only competing with themselves and, further, that it need not be a competition at all. They can enjoy it at any level of skill and at any age so long as it brings them joy and entertainment.

So, short term goals: continue with the current writing process and learn as much about themselves as they can.

Long term goals: see themselves as enduring authors who have something to say and a voice with which to say it.

I don’t know about you, but I think those are pretty amazing goals. As always, if you or your student need anything along the way, please reach out.  I hope you all enjoy a safe and much earned long weekend and that it gives your child some great stories to write about.