Math with Mrs. Cook

Recently in Math with Mrs. Cook, the 6th graders have been exploring area, nets, solids, and surface area. We have used nets to create solids and developed formulas for determining the surface area for them, with modifications because some of our solid figures were missing sides. We have also practiced visualizing with nets: picturing which shape would be the base as well as if the net would create an open or closed solid. Below are some examples:

In Algebra 1, we have been connecting graphs with real-life scenarios to determine which make the most sense, as well as determining dependent and independent variables. You can give it a try yourself below:

In Precalculus/Trigonometry, we are completing our review of Polynomials by creating formulas to solve problems, finding zeros, putting quadratic equations into vertex form, and using the quadratic equation and polynomial division when functions don’t factor nicely. Remembering what we did in Algebra II allows us to solve problems like the ones below.