Primary Sources in Social Studies

High School World History

High school students are asking wonderful questions about power and the reliability of primary sources. With each unit, students are asked to read 3-4 primary sources to support their understanding of content. This past week, Machiavelli was helpful in explaining the relationship between a prince and his people, and sources from multiple perspectives helped in our understanding of the Crusades.

Students will have their third weekly quiz on Wednesday, practicing recall and argumentation. From here, we move into exploration, renaissance, and reformation.

Middle School

Students are nearing the end of their study of river-basin civilizations. To cap off this unit, they will begin comparing and contrasting the four civilizations of study in preparation to add in their next layer: those living on the outskirts who did not create expansive city-states.

Students are also practicing the art of reading primary sources. On slate for this week is the “The Satire of the Trades” a poem which provides insight to Ancient Egypt during the Middle Kingdom.

As part of their weekly schedule, middle school students are also practicing their knowledge of world geography through an online quiz. Their personal records, kept in their notebook, indicate great progress over the last few weeks.