Math with Mrs. Cook

This week in math with Mrs. Cook students have been wrapping up their first units in preparation for upcoming assessments. Sixth grade students have been developing methods for calculating volume of solids with fractional parts. This will be one part of their upcoming assessment on Thursday (the other parts will be area and surface area). Examples of strategies that students shared with the class can be seen below.

(*Update 9/23: We have taken our volume study into unanticipated (and exciting!) depths in 6th grade, so the assessment has been postponed until next week.)

Students in Algebra 1 have been using their knowledge of functions to analyze graphs as well as sort tables, graphs, and domain/range maps into functions and non-functions using strategies they have developed. Using these skills will be important during the students’ first quest over modeling with functions on Thursday.

High school students in Precalculus/Trigonometry have continued to work with polynomials and applying a variety of theorems, including the remainder theorem, the factor theorem, the rational root (zero) theorem, the fundamental theorem of Algebra, as well as Decartes’ rule of signs. Using these tools, students can find all complex solutions to polynomials. A test over linear, quadratic, polynomial, and rational functions is coming up a week from Tuesday.