Social Studies & Culinary Arts Update

Middle School Ancient History

Middle school students have been learning about early empires and the Persians. On Thursday, we read from Herodotus to learn more about the Persian Empire and its interactions with Croesus, and then we read a story about the Battle of Marathon and the fight for control of Greece. Students this week are learning how and why the Persian Empire was so expansive, and they will continue to apply the lessons of Persia to other attempts at empire throughout world history. 

Students in middle school also continue to practice their geography skills and knowledge, especially as it relates to the history we have been learning. Each new lesson incorporates maps, and we discuss where the lesson takes place in the world and why that matters and how it fits in to the larger story. Students also continue to practice their geography knowledge through Seterra quizzes on a weekly basis; they have recorded their scores since week one, and their progress is quite impressive!

High School World History

High school students took their first exam last week. In addition to identifying key locations on a world map, they were asked to respond to a variety of essay prompts and utilize detailed evidence, including primary sources, to support their arguments. These skills of recall and argumentation transfer to a wide variety of future careers.

This week, we will continue learning about the Transatlantic Economy and then move into Eastern Asia to see how people and governments fared and flourished after the bubonic plague. 

Culinary Arts

In culinary arts last week, students made roasted spaghetti squash, homemade marinara sauce, chicken noodle soup from scratch, and homemade bread. These recipes served as an introduction to healthier choices, substitutions, and fall foods. This morning, Zion served the class delicious, roasted Brussels sprouts with a balsamic reduction. We also whipped up some banana bread on this chilly fall day. Tomorrow, Bryn tackles bento boxes!