Culture Day 2022

The Summit’s 2022 Culture Day was a success!  This year students traveled around to the Spanish-speaking countries of Argentina, Chile, Cuba, Ecuador, Guatemala, Mexico, and Peru. Each different country offered an authentic experience that one may encounter when visiting these locations. In Mexico, students pressed, cooked, and sampled corn tortillas and made papel picado. In the big back yard, students played a version of the national sport of Argentina called pato. In the country of Chile, students played two traditional Children’s games, juego de globos and corre corre la guaraca, a game similar to Duck Duck Goose. Cuba was full of fun, food, and dancing. Students snacked on chips and salsa and a pineapple and coconut concoction, while also learning about the salsa dance. Ecuador involved a scavenger hunt where students were in search of various Ecuadorian items. In Guatemala, students learned about the legend of worry dolls and then were able to make their own to take home. In Peru, students learned about the pan flute and then created their own replica using large, colorful straws and tape. This event was organized and carried out by our Summit upper school students. They did a tremendous job of making Culture Day 2022 a successful event!

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