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Passion Projects in Middle School Language Arts

Middle school students have solidified topics and research questions for our Passion Project Unit, which allows students to cultivate research skills while exploring their topics of choice. The week began at The Library Center, where students checked out books that

Discussion Leaders: High School English

High school English students are practicing formal discussion facilitation and participation this week. Pairs are leading discussion on one of four concepts in Anthem: control, the suppression of natural human tendencies, color symbolism, and language analysis. This experience differs significantly

Yoga at The Summit

The Summit Prep high school yogis are growing in their practices every week. Our broad focus this semester has been on core engagement for strength, stability, and safety. Our mindfulness practice began with cultivating intentional movement and has since extended

High School English: Anthem

High school students finished in-class reading of Ayn Rand’s Anthem this week. During annotation and discussion, many students made connections to Rand’s philosophy, Objectivism. Next week, responsibility will shift to student groups to lead a culminating discussion on literary elements

Middle School Language Arts: Project Publish

Middle school Language Arts students are nearing completion of Project Publish, our LAD Fair driven unit on researching, writing, and revising within a chosen genre. At the outset, each student chose his/her category of interest and researched what “publication ready”

Utopia, Dystopia, and Intentional Communities in HS English

High school students spent last week exploring the concepts of utopia, dystopia, and intentional communities to establish context for our upcoming novel, Anthem. To begin, individual students–and later groups–were tasked with planning their own “perfect” societies. They proposed political and

Integrated Learning and LAD Fair in MS Language Arts

Middle School Language Arts students spent last week digging deeply into a physics text titled “Discovering the Laws of Motion.” This work required students to learn and practice effective non-fiction annotation strategies. I was so impressed with the way students

MS Language Arts and High School English

Middle School Language Arts Middle school Language Arts students began the new year by thinking about how to create deep and sustainable goals in their lives. They completed an activity called “One Word,” which required them to choose one word

Middle School Jump Up Day Team Building

Middle school students and faculty enjoyed hosting the fifth grade for Jump Up Day today. During advisory, students played a team building game that required two guides to help one blindfolded student navigate a course of obstacles. Guides could only

Middle School and Fifth Grade Students Visit The Library Center

Middle school and fifth grade students took a trip to The Library Center this morning. Each sixth grader was partnered with a fifth grade buddy, and they traveled through the library together to check out books, discuss middle school reading