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High School English: It’s the Final Countdown

High school English students are entering the final leg of our argument research and writing unit. They completed extended outlines last week, and many have already begun implementing my feedback in their essay drafting. Essays are due Friday, May 8th

MS Language Arts: An Incredible Finish to Passion Project Research

Passion Project viewing week was a wild success. Students spent the week learning from each other and providing positive feedback for peers. In the end, our feedback form had a total of 202 responses! Each student received a personalized chart

HS English: From Research to Writing

This week, high school English students move from the argument research process to the writing process. Yesterday, I posted an early-access look at our work for this week: the Extended Outline. Within the assignment is a video lesson of me

MS LA: It’s Passion Project Presentation Week!

Last week, middle schoolers had the week to create final Passion Project products. This week is the one we’ve been waiting for: presentation week. I can’t tell you how excited I am to view student presentations. Moreover, though, I’m excited


During our live class last week, our favorite animal-loving yogi brought along her rescued baby opossums. Is Opossum Yoga the next Goat Yoga? Only time will tell. The Summit yogis continue to practice twice a week. On Tuesdays, students choose

HS English: The Upcoming Week at a Glance

Hello, High School Families! Last week, high school English students learned about drafting research questions, navigating online databases, and using advanced search techniques. After viewing tutorials and practicing database navigation, they used their research questions to create a list of

MS Language Arts: The Upcoming Week at a Glance

Greetings, Middle School Families! Last week, Language Arts students practiced the skill of research note taking to select and organize source material for their final Passion Project products and met me on Zoom to pitch their product ideas. I heard

Argument Research and Writing in High School English

High school English students began a new unit of study this week: argument writing research. Students were offered choice in topic selection and in whether they would work independently, with an accountability partner, or with a group during the research

A look inside Middle School Language Arts…

Parents and Guardians, The following was posted to Middle School Language Arts Google Classroom classes this afternoon as a broad look forward at our next two weeks of distance learning. I hope sharing it here will allow you to engage

Yoga: Distance Learning Style

The Summit high school yogis are continuing to practice, even when far apart. Each Tuesday, students explore a new yoga YouTube channel and choose a short class to take. Next, they write a brief reflection about the style and pace