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Coming Up in Math with Mrs. B

Happy Monday! Today kicks off the start of the last full week of academics, can you believe it?! Work plans for the week have been posted in Classroom. As you’ll notice, the work plans are designed for all assignments to

This Week in Math with Mrs. B

Good Monday morning! In honor of Grandfriends Day, I encourage students to take Tuesday off. However, should students want to challenge their grandfriends to an in-person or virtual Game of Hex, details are posted in Classroom. Here’s what’s coming up

This Week in Math with Mrs. B

Happy Monday! Here is what to expect this week in math: Integrated Math We will continue our study of geometric transformations in the coordinate plane. Students are working on a Transformation Art project in which they show off both their

Birthday Celebrations

Happy Monday morning! The Upper School has three birthdays this week, and a global pandemic won’t stop us from celebrating! Happy birthday week to Cooper, Bryn, and Reid!

This Week in Mrs. B’s Math Classes

Integrated Math This week in Integrated Math, we will be exploring the third and final rigid transformation, reflections. We see reflections everywhere in the world around us when we take the time to look. To kick off the week, students

Math Update from Mrs. B

Dear Parents and Students,   I hope this message finds you well. Thank you for your continued support and patience as we navigate this unprecedented time in education. I wanted to inform you all that after receiving feedback from parents

Math with Mrs. B

Hello all! As most of you have read in Google Classroom, here is the plan for distance learning in Mrs. B’s math classes: A weekly work plan will be posted by Monday morning by 8am to Google Classroom outlining the

Stock Market Games Elective Update

Students in the Stock Market Games elective have been doing real-world research to inform their weekly investments in the stock market simulation. Competing against other schools in the region, both Summit teams are currently in the top half of the

7/8 Integrated Math Update

This week in integrated math, 7th and 8th graders built intuition about probability. Through games of chance involving spinners, dice, and bags of colored cubes, partners explored the difference between theoretical and experimental probabilities, ultimately resulting in quantifying probability.

7/8 Integrated Math Update

Seventh and eighth graders wrapped up their survey projects this week. Some extended their learning by exploring whether there was a relationship between height and hand length by collecting and recording data and creating scatterplots. Next week kicks off our