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Math with Mrs. B

Hello all! As most of you have read in Google Classroom, here is the plan for distance learning in Mrs. B’s math classes: A weekly work plan will be posted by Monday morning by 8am to Google Classroom outlining the

Stock Market Games Elective Update

Students in the Stock Market Games elective have been doing real-world research to inform their weekly investments in the stock market simulation. Competing against other schools in the region, both Summit teams are currently in the top half of the

7/8 Integrated Math Update

This week in integrated math, 7th and 8th graders built intuition about probability. Through games of chance involving spinners, dice, and bags of colored cubes, partners explored the difference between theoretical and experimental probabilities, ultimately resulting in quantifying probability.

7/8 Integrated Math Update

Seventh and eighth graders wrapped up their survey projects this week. Some extended their learning by exploring whether there was a relationship between height and hand length by collecting and recording data and creating scatterplots. Next week kicks off our

7/8 Integrated Math Update

Middle school students officially wrapped up their study of Galileo and discovering the laws of motion this week. They have since been working hard on demonstrating their mastery of statistics and data analysis by completing a survey project comparing two

Algebra 2 Update

Algebra 2 students have been working hard on finding zeros of polynomials and yielding amazing progress. Coming up next week: Monday- Putting it all together to find all zeros of polynomials (Assignment: “Analyzing and Solving Polynomial Equations” due Friday) Wednesday-

Stock Market Elective

After several weeks of learning about corporations, stock, investment portfolios, and diversification, students in the stock market elective are prepared (and anxious!) to officially begin the Stock Market Game on Monday. In teams, students will be given an imaginary $100,000

Middle Schoolers Thinking like Galileo

In middle school math and science, students have taken a trip back in time to the 1600’s! After enjoying modern-day tools, such as clocks and meter sticks, for their pendulum experiments, students were challenged to investigate the relationship between distance

MS Students Discovering the Laws of Motion

Exciting discoveries were made last week in middle school math and science! Students’ creativity and innovation showed through when asked the experimental question: Which variable(s) affect the time period of a pendulum swing? Check out these unique pendulum creations! Make

A Snippet on Algebra 2

Students in Algebra 2 have been studying graphs of polynomial functions this week. After learning about real and imaginary zeros, end behavior, and turning points, students collaborated in pairs to match graphs to their functions. Communicating, reasoning about, and justifying