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Science Update

This is our last week of science fun! Middle School: Students, after learning about the properties of waves and the parts of the electromagnetic spectrum, have been asked to look into 4G vs 5G. Why? Because cellphones are the most

Science Update 4/27/20 – 5/1/20

Middle School: Students will be learning about the electromagnetic spectrum and how the different parts of the spectrum are utilized today with modern technology. Questions/Conversation Starters: What is amplitude, frequency, and wavelength? How do cellphones use the electromagnetic spectrum? What

Science Update: 4/20/20 – 4/23/20

Middle School: Students will be learning about the properties of waves. This includes things like wavelength, amplitude, and frequency. Questions/Conversation Starters: What is the difference between transverse and longitudinal waves? What is the relationship between frequency and wavelength? What is

Science Update

Middle School: Students will be researching nuclear chemistry. The project starts with questions pertaining to a video.  Following this, students are asked to find answers to the questions using the internet, being sure to find good sources for their information

Science Update 4/6-4/10

Middle School: Students will learn about chemical reactions. High School: Students will learn about the concept of humidity, calculating humidity, and how temperature affects humidity.


Middle School: This week middle school students will be learning nomenclature and formulas of ionic and covalent compounds. High School: High school students are wrapping up their projects on Earth’s cycles and uploading them to share with classmates. Students will

Science Update

Middle school students are wrapping up their science fair projects. If you have not done so yet, please bring a tri-fold to school. High school students are studying ecology and ecological relationships between species.

Middle School Science Fair Update

By March 3rd, students need to have the following at school: Tri-fold Any pictures from the experiment Any decorations, colored paper, or other things they would like to add to their tri-fold Data from their experiment This means that experiments

Science Update

Middle School: Middle school students have wrapped up a project that involved researching various types of power production and coming up with an energy plan for the United States based on the priorities of their choosing. Middle school students have

Science/STEM Update

Middle School Physical Science Students have been learning about metric system conversions. Scientific notation is next, followed by our first foray into science fair projects. Students will soon be asked to begin researching interesting topics to focus on for their