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Social Studies Update

Reminder: Teachers are available next week for optional conferences. Please reach out to mentors or content-area teachers to schedule. Middle School:  Middle school students are wrapping up their studies in American history by sharing their final projects. These projects range

Social Studies Update

Middle School On Monday, students joined live classes in their grade levels to discuss their understanding of the political history of the 1960s. After listening to a speech of their choice from both JFK and LBJ last week, students were

This Week in Social Studies

Sixth Grade Students in sixth grade maintained as much “normalcy” (to borrow a word from Warren G. Harding) as possible last week. Each day, we were able to meet and have live discussions of the material we’re studying to understand

Raven Buddies

Several of our high school students are spending their lunch breaks once a week with our students from the Beginners class. Yesterday was their second meeting, and the Beginners came upstairs to the history room to work on a project

Poli Sci

High school students in Political Science have been busy learning about public opinion, policy, and the media. Their most recent project was a research paper on a policy trend in the United States since 2000. Students researched and wrote persuasive