Category: Language Arts

MS Language Arts and High School English

Middle School Language Arts Middle school Language Arts students began the new year by thinking about how to create deep and sustainable goals in their lives. They completed an activity called “One Word,” which required them to choose one word

High School Demonstration Speeches

It was a unique week in high school English, as Public Speaking students provided us the opportunity to sharpen skills in giving effective feedback. Students viewed and participated in speeches on letting go, grooming and saddling a horse, cultivating mindfulness,

Middle School Literacy Field Trip

In preparation for last Wednesday’s trip to the Library Station and Friends of the Library Book Sale, middle school Language Arts students explored a reading resource called Good Reads. The website allows students to create accounts and select favorite genres,

English, Public Speaking, Utopian/Dystopian Literature, and Culinary Arts

Middle School Language Arts Our recent focus has been on building listening, speaking, and research skills by exploring the events and aftermath of 9/11. This process was two-fold. First, students were tasked with interviewing a friend, teacher, or family member

Upper School English Update

Middle School Language Arts Last week, students traveled to The Library Center to explore resources and check out recreational reading books. Since then, students have used the books to learn and practice skills of analytical annotation. They are also building

Upper School English

English Classes This week, all English classes worked to cultivate a growth mindset through writing and discussion. Writing prompts like “Would you rather have an easy life or a challenging life?” and “What does it mean to have a ‘successful’