Welcome Back!

Happy Friday!  The class is enjoying the cooler weather today with plenty of outdoor time.   We are making new friends and reconnecting  with old ones.  This year, the students in the fifth grade will contribute to our Friday blog posts, with each student having an opportunity to be the guest blogger.  Today’s post is a collaborative effort by our whole class.

This week, we had our first S.T.E.M. class with Mr. Powers.  We are building catapults that will launch small balls.  By doing so, the fifth grade is learning about elastic and potential energy.  We are using our choice of paper cups, bamboo sticks, tape, straws, glue, and popsicle sticks. We are learning how to safely use tools to cut the wood and bamboo.

Our first research project was to determine if the raven is a good school mascot.  We learned that ravens are smart, empathetic, adaptable, playful,  and problem solvers. They are capable of mimicking human speech.  We also learned that they are sneaky, and will steal food from each other.  Most people in class reached the opinion that the raven is a good choice for school mascot.

We are starting new units in all of our subjects.  In PE, we are playing box ball with the sixth grade class. In Art, we are making radial designs.  In Music, we are learning the sounds of musical instruments.  In Social Studies, we are beginning our research on the Age of Exploration.  In Math, we are learning about scale drawings and models, and will use this knowledge to create our own scale drawings of the inside of the earth.

We’re looking forward to a great year in fifth grade!



Happy Summer!

Yesterday was bittersweet, as we said goodbye to two friends.  We wish them well, and hope to see them around town.

As a class, we discussed ways to make our transition to upper school as smooth as possible.  The students created a “toolbox” of strategies that they may refer to when facing challenges next year.  I have encouraged them to continue adding to their toolboxes as they talk with friends and family about creating a safe, friendly and kind learning environment.  As they will be the youngest in the new area, we also shared ideas for becoming friends with the older students who will serve as mentors and guides.

Earlier this month, representatives from the Greene County Library stopped by with information about their summer reading program.  Even if you do not live in Greene County, they will honor your reading record.  I encourage everyone to participate, as reading is the best way to keep up skills over the summer.

I also encourage continued math and keyboarding practice over the summer.  Over the next few weeks, I plan to reorganize page of links, adding several more websites for summer practice in a variety of skills.

Safe travels to all who are hitting the road, and I’ll see you in the fall!


Springtime Activities

We had a great time at Nathanael Greene Park today, as we studied plants of different habitats, deciding how they would be classified botanically.  The students were enthusiastic and attentive, although we cut the day just a bit short, as we heard thunder and chose to play it safe and head back to school.

The classroom is a beehive of activity as the students prepare their science fair boards for judging.  We have had several strong experiments with practical applications.  I am impressed with the quality of research that this group has performed.

Our superheroes have performed all four challenges, with several creative solutions.  We had two or three standouts with each challenge, and I know now that this class is capable of coming up with a way to save anybody in any situation!  You will have a chance to see their creations, as well as their challenge solutions at the trimester celebration on Thursday at 2:30.

The fifth graders are also constructing scale model structures for their Peeps following the principles of architecture that we have studied in math.  We have a houses, a library, day care center, underwater residence, greenhouse, Mars habitat, and several other structures.  We hope to have these at least partially finished in time for the trimester celebration.

In addition to structures, we have had some other fun with Peeps.  We have submerged them in various liquids to see what will happen , and we have invented tools to propel them as far down the track as possible.  There is nothing more fun to watch than flying Peeps!

Busy Bees

The spring busy season is upon us.  This time last year, we were packing and preparing for the move to our new building, and I felt that we could never be busier.  I was wrong.  This group of students is so motivated and driven, that they have taken on several projects, and are succeeding at all of them.

The Gala experience was a great success.  Thank you to everyone who contributed to the party.  The kindergarteners had a good time, and the fifth graders were exceptional!

Despite competing with sixth grade in the LAD Fair writing competition, several members of the class earned ribbons.  Three members of our Destination Imagination team will be competing in state championships this weekend, while two of our team members are away competing in a dance competition.  Eight of our class members qualified for regional math competition, with Grayson progressing on to state competition in a couple of weeks. The Sons of the American Revolution will be here soon to hand out awards for their poster contest, including a special award to Sydney, who won the state level competition with her poster on Nathanael Greene.  Evelyn took second place at the Springfield Bar Association Law Day contest with her very creative poster on “Free Speech, Free Press, Free Country.”  It is a joy to watch them strive and succeed!

This week, we have been taking  the ERB, and will  finish testing today.  Many of our superheroes are finished, and are ready to take on the challenges that will be thrown at them next week. This is always a fun activity, and I suspect that their solutions to the challenges will be both creative and humorous.  Also next week, we will begin work on our display boards for Science Fair.  If you have any questions, or wish for me to print out any photographs that were taken during the experiments, please be sure to contact me.

Dates to remember are:

May 1 – Book Club

May 2 – Third Trimester Celebration

May 7 – Grandparents Day and the Spring Concert

SPO Service Drive

SPO Service Drive: Wish I May – Friday is Last Day for Collections

Tomorrow, Friday 3/29, is the last day of the SPO Service Drive, benefiting Wish I May. The class that collects the most items (based on a point system as described in this handout) will win SPO’s Traveling Service Trophy. The trophy currently resides in the Beginners classroom with Mrs. Kimmons.  Which class will be the winner this year?

There are donation boxes in The Summit lobby, labeled with each class. Thank you to everyone who has contributed thus far! We can tell there are going to be many happy children in the Ozarks with all of the gift items that have been donated!

It looks like we are in need of:

  • Packages of birthday themed plates

  • Packages of birthday themed napkins

  • Chocolate cake mixes

  • Cans of frosting

  • Packages of tissue paper

Wish I May is an organization that works with 30 different local charities to determine children with upcoming birthdays, whose parents cannot afford to provide them with presents or celebrations on their special day.  Wish I May gives the parent(s) a birthday bag for the child, complete with cake mix, frosting, candles, party supplies, and an age appropriate present.

Point Values for Donation Items:

  • 1 point: package of birthday themed plates, package of birthday themed napkins, chocolate cake mix, can of frosting, package of tissue paper

  • 2 points: coloring books, package of crayons, new or gently used books

  • 7 points: all toys

  • Cost valued points: 1 point per dollar value of gift cards

Welcome, Spring!

The fifth grade class returned from Spring Break raring to go.  We have begun the process of changing our geometric designs and tessellations into fabric lap quilts to be given to charities.  I hope for these to be finished by our third trimester celebration.  That date and time will be secured soon.

The class has been quite busy the past few days preparing for LAD Fair.  It will be held at Willard High School on April 27, 2019.  Although there will be no spelling bee this year, I still encourage you to attend and look at some of the wonderful writing and art projects that area students have created.

In Social Studies, we have begun studying the ancient civilizations of Meso and South America.  As we explore these civilizations, we are seeking to answer the bigger questions of what constitutes a culture, and what happens when cultures collide?

Math Madness has begun in fifth grade, as we are using the NCAA men’s basketball tournament to practice math and geography skills.  We’ll be calculating distances and travel time between venues, collecting data related to scores, and practicing representing the data in different forms of graphs and charts.  While we’re at it, we’ll learn something about the schools’ academic programs, as well!  Students are not required to watch any of the games, but it will add to the fun if they do.

Spirit Week

Summit Spirit Week 2019

The Summit Prep’s 2019 Spirit Week is March 4th-8th! This year we’re celebrating our Spanish Program. Each day has a different Spanish theme. (There is no cost to dress in theme during Spirit Week. All themes are optional. Students may choose to wear The Summit uniform any/every day instead.)

Monday 3/4: Día de Bufanda y Gorro (Wear your hats & scarves with Summit Spirit Wear)
Tuesday 3/5: Cuando sea grande… (College & Career Day – Dress in your favorite college shirts and/or colors, or like what you want to be when you grown up)
Wednesday 3/6: Día de turista (Dress like a Tourist Day)
Thursday 3/7: Día de pijama (Pajama Day)
Friday 3/8: #Españoltodoslosdías (Summit Spirit Wear – Red Spirit Week Shirt)

On Friday, March 8th (the final day of Summit’s Spirit Week) everyone is invited to wear their 2019 Spirit Week Shirt created by our very own Kindergarten teacher, and design expert, Mrs. Bradley! This shirt is also considered Summit Spirit Wear and may be worn during any Spirit Wear day at The Summit. Shirts are only $15. Click here to order your 2019 Summit Spirit Week Shirt. Order deadline is Wednesday, January 30th.
*Note: Thursday, February 28th is Read Across America Day & will be a $2 Uniform Buyout Day – Dress Like Your Favorite Book Character

Read Across America Day

Thursday, February 28: $2 Uniform Buy Out – Dress Like A Book Character
In honor of Dr. Seuss’s birthday and Read Across America Day, The Summit Prep is hosting a $2 uniform buy out this Thursday, February 28th. The theme of this buy out is “Dress Like a Book Character.” (Yes, Ms. Amy will more than likely ask you which character you’ve dressed like, so be creative!) Students may choose to dress like a book character and pay $2 in the lobby. This is an optional buy out day. Students may opt to not pay the $2 and dress in Summit uniform Thursday instead. NOTE: Students in Kindergarten through 8th grade will be attending the Bowling PE Field Trip Thursday. Students may STILL participate in the Buy Out Day if they are going bowling. If Kindergarten-8th grade student decide NOT to participate in the buy out, they will need to dress in a RED Summit polo. Questions? Email Amy Maas at amaas@thesummitprep.org.


Happy Four-Day Weekend

I hope everyone stays safe and warm today.

If you have your copy of What Elephants Know, you may continue to work on your photo album of flora and fauna that is featured in the book.  If you don’t have your copy of the book, do some research into the flora and fauna of Nepal and add it to your photo album.  I can guarantee that almost everything you find will be mentioned in the book at some point!

Have some fun with data collection and graphing today.  Check out weather.com, wunderground.com or KY3 Weather.  Create a graph of our temperature over the past several days, or compare our temperature or precipitation with some other places.  Choose the best kind of graph to most clearly show the information.

Enjoy your weekend, and I’ll see you Tuesday!

Valentines Day


A message from the Administration:

Just a reminder, since Valentine’s Day is tomorrow.  We request that special Valentines (beyond the classroom exchanges) be shared outside of school. Valentines arriving for students will be kept at the front desk until the end of the day.

We will be making cards for nursing home residents tomorrow morning, then we will have our class Valentine card exchange in the afternoon.   Thank you to everyone who brought snacks!

The Summit Preparatory School