States Info: National Geographic.     Ducksters

Alamo Ducksters

Gracelyn’s 50 states practice

States and Capitals practice: Site 1.  Site 2.    Site 3.    Site 4    


Food Chain/Web Ducksters

Food Chain/Web Activity

Great Basin Facts

More Great Basin Facts for Kids

Great Basin Climate

Great Basin Desert Animals

Great Basin Desert Plants

Western States

Quizlet for Western states and capitals

Quizizz for Western states

Quizlet Study Set Force and Motion

Approved Music for the 4th Grade Classroom:

  1. Brain Music

2.   Relaxation Music for Children

3. Classical Music

4.    Study Music

5. Relaxing Mexican Music

6. Relaxing Music

7. Beethoven

8. Relaxing Nordic/Viking Music

9. Viking Mix

Chicago’s O’hare International Airport

Wrigley Field facts

Robert Frost’s poem, Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening

Force and Motion Quizlet review

Farming in Iowa   Iowa National Geographic

Roller Coaster Webquest

Roller Coaster History

The Constitution

The Bill of Rights

First Amendment Ducksters

Typing Club

Matching Midwest states and capitals:  Quizlet         Quia

Locate Midwestern states

More locating Midwestern states

Another locating Midwestern states

Identify Midwestern state capitals

New Orleans for Kids

French Quarter

Duckster Jamestown Settlement

Historic Jamestown

Kennedy Space Center

Everglades National Park National Park Services

Everglades National Park National Geographic

Metric Measurement   Practice     Splash Mountain

That Quiz. Choose Science, then Conversion, then Metric. Pick the ones you want to practice.

Bananagram Rules

Customary Measurement .        Practice     More Practice    And some more .

Sir Isaac Newton on Ducksters

Southeast State Quiz.         Quia Southeast State Quiz

Southeast States and Capitals      Southeast States and Capitals   and one more

Ellis Island

George Washington Carver Bookstore/Gift Shop

Washington, D. C. 

Ocean Waves and Currents

Independence Hall

Independence Hall

Independence Hall

Boston Tea Party

Boston Massacre

Declaration of Independence

Global Math Week


Coral Reef interactive

Judy Blume

Ocean Floor Features on Quizlet

Interactive Ocean Floor

Ocean Floor

Mt. Washington


West Quoddy Head Lighthouse

Here are 5 links to practice locating the 11 states of the Northeast Region:

Link 1

Link 2

Link 3

Link 4

Link 5

Continents and Oceans

Continent and ocean practice

Another continent and ocean practice site

Soft school continent and ocean practice

More practice

More continent and ocean practice