Math Resources and Games

Fact Cards

This great resource comes from These Math Cards help kids see different multiplication facts as a variety of visual representations. Print them out or make your own!


Math at Home Activities

All these math activities can be done at home, of course, but has also put together a collection of videos and activities for families to use to help kids in all grades (Kindergarten through 12th grade) to practice and apply math skills.


YouCubed also has a variety of articles for parents to understand math lessons and support your child’s positive mathematical mindset.


Estimation Challenges

Another math skill we have been working on comes in the form of estimation challenges. We use 4-5 clues to guess the number of items in the picture. This requires problem-solving and logic, but we have also found that using a 120 number board, like this one on Didax, helps us figure out the challenge. Try them at home!


Virtual Manipulative Resources

Counting and multiplication tools, fraction tools, and geometry tools. Check it out here! Find many more, and math games, with this board of Virtual Manipulatives.


Greg Tang Games

Students are encouraged to play some games from the Greg Tang Math Games. These games build number sense and so much more! Check them out today!


Multiplication Games

Sra. Leighninger has gotten us hooked on the game “Blooket!” It’s so much fun to compete against each other while practicing and reviewing skills. It is recommended (not required) to play this game on multiplication facts on their own while at home.


Math Playground Multiplication Fact Practice


Math Vocabulary Cards 

These vocabulary cards can be organized by topic and include both a definition and example, which the vocabulary word covered up in the left hand corner. Check them out here!

Thank you for your support at home!

*Stay tuned for more math games and resources!*