Curriculum Overview

The physical education program at The Summit strives to achieve a balance between providing opportunities for vigorous physical exercise and developing decision-making skills necessary to pursue a healthy, active lifestyle. Students participate in games and activities that encourage locomotor and nonlocomotor movements, as well as the development of skills such as throwing and catching, dribbling, dodging, jumping, skipping, and running. Students also manipulate objects such as jump ropes, balls, beanbags, frisbees, bats, racquets, and other equipment. Exposing students to a wide range of activities and equipment promotes a well-rounded education in sports and fitness.

By incorporating several experiences into each class, students of different learning styles and athletic ability are able to achieve success for lifelong healthy living. Multiple learning needs are met through the different locations of P.E. (outside and inside spaces), as well as the varied daily activities, which are both individual- and team-oriented. Guest instructors and sports professionals are brought into the classroom to teach sessions or full units, such as circuit training, and yoga. The physical education program advances the mission of The Summit by advocating the virtues of a sound body with a sound mind, allowing each student to achieve personal goals while gaining strength and self-confidence at an individualized pace.

Lower School students focus primarily on refining fine and gross motor skills, developing their spatial and body awareness, and building social relationships with peers. Students use manipulatives such as balls, beanbags and jump ropes to improve hand-eye coordination and muscle control. As students progress throughout the year, they work on building muscle strength and endurance through activities like push-ups, jumping jacks, tag, and balancing exercises. During later elementary years, students focus on team-oriented games like kickball, capture the flag, and Ultimate Frisbee. A strong focus is placed on refining the skills necessary for solving problems and practicing good sportsmanship.

Once students enter the Upper School, P.E. classes provides students with the opportunity to participate in a comprehensive program consisting of skill and movement development, lead up game, team sports, physical fitness activities. The students will receive instruction in rules, skills, and strategies associated with every activity. One of the primary objectives is to increase the student’s knowledge and involvement of several lifelong physical activities. The program promotes a positive spirit of cooperation, leadership, fair play, and enthusiasm for physical activity.

*The school community event, The Summit Run, promotes physical fitness and is an event in which all students, parents, and friends of The Summit are invited and encouraged to participate.*