Sight Words

Learning sight words is a very important part of literacy instruction.  As students begin to recognize and read high frequency words, their enthusiasm for reading grows.  Below are some strategies that we use in Kindergarten for exploring, learning, and practicing new sight words!  Another great resource for ideas, games, and flashcards is

READING SIGHT WORDS – watch this video to see the technique we use when reading sight words.  We use this format every time we practice using the strategies listed below.


  • Magic Elbow:  Get out your magic finger (pointer finger of dominant hand) and write it on your magic elbow (forearm).
  • Sky Writing:  Lay on your back and puff up the clouds.  Say hello to the birds.  Write it the word in the sky.
  • Slow Motion:  Ssaaaayyy aaanndd speeelll ttthhee wwwooorrdd iiinnn sllooooowww mmoooootttiooonn…. 🙂
  • Fast Motion: Say and spell it very quickly!
  • Beach Writing:  Lay on your tummy and listen to the “waves.”  Say hello to the seagulls.  Write the word on the sand (floor).
  • Painting:  Paint the words on paper.
  • Playdough: Form the words using playdough.
  • Wikki Stix: Shape the words using Wikki Stix.
  • Salt Tray:  Write the words in a pan of salt/play sand.
  • Stamps:  Use letter stamps to stamp the letters on paper.

Encourage your child to point out and identify words in written text, or read them from a message.  Use as many sight words as you can when writing a special note to your child!

Click the link below to view/download flashcards:

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