Math Workshop

As we begin our second week of school, 1st grade students are beginning to explore the structure of certain parts of our day.  Our literacy and math instruction occurs in a mini-lesson or workshop format.  This type of instruction allows the teacher to introduce a topic and then conference with students individually or in small groups as they engage in the learning process through work stations.  This week, we are focusing on our math workshop and what the different stations will be.  We will commonly start with a whole-group lesson or activity and then we will break off into the stations.  The different stations that students will visit are small group (with the teacher), IXL (math technology subscription), journals, partner game, and independent activity.  

Today, we explored a sample of what the partner game station would look like.  The games selected will build on the skill we are currently practicing or review a skill previously taught.  The game played today was a memory game based on subitizing.  Subitizing is being able to look at a group of items and quickly knowing how many are there.  The students took turns flipping over 2 cards, with the goal of matching the “teen” number and the matching 20 frame.  Students enjoyed playing the game with their partners!