This last week, we have been learning about the rainforest. Rainforest are dense forests rich with unique plants and animals. They are typically found in hot, tropical areas with heavy rainfall. There are rainforests all around the world with their own species of animals and amazing plants.

The tropical rainforest is broken into layers from the top to the bottom. There are 4 layers and each one has different kinds of animals and plants. The names of the layers are: Emergent layer, Canopy, Understory, and Forest Floor.

On Thursday, first grade students had a blast turning our classroom into a rainforest by adding a huge tree with tons of different animals! Students were in charge of making all of the parts! Ms Pulliam just did the stapling and hanging 🙂 Aftwr constructing our tree, we labeled the different layers and added the animals to their appropriate layer!

(I am trying to get picture files to upload but the blog is not allowing me to do so 🙁 I will send out pictures to parent emails for now and will continue to try and upload to the blog for other viewers! Thank you for your patience!)

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