This week in Distance Learning….

Would you believe it if I told you that we just wrapped up our 5th week of Distance Learning? Although we are missing our friends and the daily classroom interactions, First graders are doing an amazing job of taking control of their situation!  We continue to have daily zoom meetings as a class where we participate in class games and activities as well as just chat and catch up.  Its a wonderful way to start the day!  First graders also participate in “Teacher Time” on Tuesdays and Thursdays!  Google hangouts has been a wonderful way for kids to reach out to one another and have virtual play dates with one another 🙂 We have become quite tech savvy for 6 and 7 year olds (and I have learned quite a bit myself!)

First graders spent time this week reviewing and practicing skills that we have learned throughout the school year.  We reviewed tally marks by heading outside and using what we found in our own backyards!! Check out some of the tally mark projects below! And what better way to clean up from this activity than by having a family bonfire!! 🙂

Click here to watch a Summit First Grader share her learning about tally marks!

We also practiced our money counting by playing a hands-on game called “Grab, Count, and Compare”.  This game had students practicing counting coins as well as working with the < , > , and = signs!  First graders reviewed articles and which article we use before a word!

We finished up our week with a fun addition fact fluency game!  Students were able to adjust this outdoor (or indoor) game to work on “just right” facts for them!

Click here to watch a First grader play bean bag toss with his mom!