Global Day of Play!

February 1st, 2023 was Global School Day of Play! The Summit joined thousands of schools all over the globe by participating in a day dedicated

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Money, Money, Money!

First grade students are currently embarking on an in-depth unit about money. To begin, we reviewed recognition skills, asking students to name and identify coins

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Independent Reading

As students are becoming more skilled readers, their confidence and love for reading is increasing as well. First graders are now reading much more complex

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Service Learning Project

As part of a service learning project, Kindergarten, first and second grade are collecting new hats, gloves, socks and scarves in benefit of Ambassadors for Children. Ambassadors for

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Navajo Rugs

This week, first grade students have been learning about the Navajo tribe  In addition to reading and writing about key aspects of Navajo culture, students

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Measuring Temperature

Summit first graders are exploring temperature. Yesterday, students learned how to read a thermometer using degrees Fahrenheit and degrees Celsius and comparing the two. In addition

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