To finish out yoga for 2022, we played yoga bingo this week.  The kids really enjoyed it.  Each child is given a card, and we

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Snow! ❄️

Ms. Ursino’s favorite form of precipitation is snow! This week, as part of our study of the types of precipitation, first graders learned lots about

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Types of Precipitation

Last week first graders learned each of the steps of the water cycle. This week we are diving into one of the steps – precipitation!

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First Grade Music

Recently, first graders have been doing a great job learning to sing two Mexican folk songs in Spanish, “Naranja dulce” and “Arroz con leche.”  They

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Hour of Code!

This week is Computer Science Education Week! In class, first graders participated in an Hour of Code. This is an hour dedicated to practicing simple

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Water Cycle

Now that students are familiar with the three states of matter, we were able to see how water takes each of those forms within the

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Compound Words

Each day during literacy stations, students practice a wide variety of reading, spelling, phonics and vocabulary skills. Today, students learned what a compound word was.

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